Military science scholarships and benefits

Getting a college education is expensive. What you may not realize, is that the Army ROTC awards college scholarships to hundreds of students each year. ROTC scholarships are awarded strictly on merit to the most outstanding students who apply, regardless of their family's financial status.

The scholarships cover either room and board for $5,000 a semester or tuition and fees. Additional scholarship benefits include: a designated book allowance of $1,200 per year, as well as a tax-free allowance of $420 per month for up to 10 months for each year the scholarship is in effect.

Types of Scholarships

  • Four-Year — Starting college as a freshman
  • Three-Year — Already finished one year of college
  • Two-Year — Already finished two years of college (You must attend ROTC Basic Camp the summer between your sophomore and junior year)

Requirements for ROTC Scholarships

  1. U.S. citizen
  2. Age 17 before the scholarship is effective
  3. Under 31 years old on December 31 of the year you expect to graduate college and be commissioned.
  4. Good high school grades
  5. Participate in leadership, extracurricular and athletic activities (part time jobs earn substitute credit)
  6. Be a high school graduate or equivalent
  7. Pursue an army-approved academic major (all majors at University of Nevada, Reno are approved)
  8. Agree to accept a commission as either a regular army, army national guard, or U.S. army reserve officer
  9. Meet physical standards
  10. Meet the required cumulative grade point average in all academic courses
  11. Be recommended by a professor of military science

How to receive a scholarship

  • High School Seniors
    • Start an application to receive a scholarship anywhere in the nation that has an ROTC program
    • If you do not receive a national scholarship, you may receive a campus one for the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Students already attending University of Nevada, Reno or incoming freshmen
    • Enroll into MIL 101 and MIL 101L if fall semester or MIL 102 and MIL 102L if spring semester
    • Participate into the program for the year
    • Participate on the Scholarship Board
    • Achieve selection status for submission of a scholarship

*Note- If three or less years to graduate please contact the Recruiting Operations Officer to ensure success and eligibility.