Bachelor of Arts in French

Undergraduate students looking to advance their international relations skills while obtaining a broad understanding of business and economics in a foreign country, should consider the Bachelor of Arts in French at the University of Nevada, Reno. The French major offered through the Department of World Languages and Literatures within the College of Liberal Arts is an invaluable option to further undergraduate education with rich cultural experiences. The B.A. in French provides students with a number of French language skills including reading, writing and cultural understanding. A major in French will help contribute to important professional fields of medicine, technology, diplomacy, finance and more.


The Department of World Languages and Literatures at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers a minor in French. The minor is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the French language while giving them a taste of its history and culture. The Department of World Languages and Literatures helps students to master another language and immerses them in the culture of which they study. Students who graduate from the program are able to communicate effectively with indigenous people and are culturally aware of their behaviors.

Why study French at the University of Nevada, Reno?

A language degree opens up numerous career opportunities in a variety of fields where language skills and culture are valued.  In addition to broadening your life experiences and your view of the world, studying another language has been shown to improve your general communication skills, your cognitive abilities and your critical thinking. French study on your transcript gives you an edge in any career choice. Among other things, French study offers a gateway to countries that trade with the United States. To compete in a global marketplace and to engage an increasingly diverse U.S. population, major industries, multinational corporations and many branches of government seek employees who speak more than just English. Even small local businesses, without global reach, know that applicants with foreign language skills are better qualified than those without them.

Internships/career opportunities

A French major will open up more career options and make you more competitive on the job market. The Department of World Languages and Literatures helps prepare students for internships in organizations such as these:

  • U.S. State Department
  • Government agencies (e.g., National Security Agency)
  • Embassy (U.S. & foreign)
  • Museums (e.g., Smithsonian Institutions)
  • Educational Programs (e.g., Summerbridge)
  • Consulting firms (e.g., Social Technologies)
  • Media (e.g., ABC Nightline, Dateline NBC)

In addition to going into teaching after graduation, the following areas are looking for leaders with a foreign language proficiency:

  • Translation/interpretation
  • Language analysis
  • Linguistics
  • Diplomacy
  • Civil service
  • Foreign service
  • Immigration/naturalization
  • Customs
  • Intelligence
  • Security and protection
  • Law enforcement
  • Journalism/broadcasting
  • Public NGOs (Amnesty International, District Attorney, World Bank, Google, Yahoo)
  • Language service providers

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