Bachelor of Arts in English, Language and Linguistics

Linguistics is the close study of the nature of human language. Language is universal in human society and a prerequisite to civilization, culture, science, history and technology. The study of linguistics then, is the study of a defining characteristic of the human species.

The linguistics faculty in the Department of English through the College of Liberal Arts conduct research in many sub-fields of linguistics, including sociolinguistics (the relationship between social factors and language use), phonetics and phonology (the physical nature and mental organization of speech sounds), morphology (the structure of words) and language documentation. Our faculty members focus on a similar range of languages around the world, including English and its varieties, Paiute, Navajo and Scottish Gaelic.

Our linguistics students develop excellent analytical and problem-solving skills that are essential to professional careers or advanced study in fields like information technology, law, business, education, finance and medicine.


The Department of English at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers an English minor which can help students stand out in today's competitive job market. Students will gain the skills employers need in critical reading, research, editing, oral presentation, writing and language use.

Why study English at the University of Nevada, Reno?

A range of resources and opportunities are available for students to become involved in faculty research and to conduct original research of their own. Many of our undergraduate students have presented their work at regional and national conferences. In addition, the linguistics program has a well-equipped research phonetics laboratory, with a recording booth, digital recorders, microphones and other equipment. The Linguistics Club also plays an active role in the study of linguistics at the University.

Internships/career opportunities

The Department of English connects students with internships in the local community in fields of writing, editing, publishing and business administration, among others. Graduates of the English program have gone on to a variety of careers such as library administration, journalism, book publishing, teaching and medicine.

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