Bachelor of Arts in Dance

The bachelor’s degree in dance allows students to engage in the rigorous physical practice of dance training, while simultaneously developing a deep understanding of the historical, cultural and performative lineage that underpins the field of dance.

Students pursuing this major will combine the cognitive and kinetic skills necessary to enter the field as dance practitioners, makers, educators, administrators and/or scholars.

In order to balance the artistic, analytical and kinesthetic skills, dance majors are doing, making and studying dance throughout their undergraduate careers with an emphasis on continued reflection and growth as both practitioners and scholars.


The Department of Dance at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers a dance minor. The minor is designed to give students a basic foundation in both studio and theory courses and also offers students the flexibility to hone their skills in one or more areas through a wide variety of dance electives.

Why study dance at the University of Nevada, Reno?

Students who choose to study dance in the School of the Arts aren’t just choosing a personally fulfilling major, but one that offers promising career professions after graduation. The School of the Arts offer three performance opportunities each year along with choreographic experience. The dance program offers students three studio spaces and a convertible dance theatre space for rehearsal and practice. The program also brings in a variety of guest artist residencies each year providing the opportunity for students to learn and practice with nationally-renowned performing artists. In addition, exposure to a full range of styles is offered.

Internships/career opportunities

Many alumni of the University of Nevada, Reno dance program have gone on to pursue their MFA degrees, danced with professional athletics teams, performed for Disney parks and participated in local dance companies. We have also had the pleasure of connecting students with high-profile summer internships at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, as well as with festivals and companies in New York City.

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