Minor in Big Data

With the rapid advance of computer and internet technologies, data is being collected at unprecedented scale in a broad range of application areas, which presents many challenges as well as novel opportunities of big data management, analysis, retrieval, and modeling. The objective of the minor in big data is to provide students with both the technical skills and the theoretical knowledge to address evolving big data challenges. Through core courses and electives, students who complete the minor will develop skills in advanced statistics, machine learning and data mining, plus programming and data management, and build expertise in solutions to a broad range of big data problems.

The minor in big data is open to all students at the university. Completion of minor requirements may require completion of additional courses as prerequisites.

Course requirements

The minor requires a minimum of 18 credits, with eligible courses in computer science, statistics, mathematics and information systems. Please visit the course catalog or consult your advisor for the most up-to-date list of requirements for the minor in big data.

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