Chapter toolkit

Welcome to the Chapter information page where we’ll break down all the guidelines, rules and policies needed to remain a chapter in good standing. This is the place to find alumni chapter forms and information, whether you are starting a new chapter or running an existing one.


  • Requirements to remain in good standing

    In order to be considered in good standing, each chapter must meet the following criteria:

    • Complete and submit to the Nevada Alumni Council an Annual Summary of Activity form by June 1.
    • Comply with the provisions and policies
    • Hold at least two leadership meetings per year.
    • Hold at least two events per year.
    • Communicate any significant changes in the group to the Office of Alumni Relations (i.e. officer changes, significant bylaw revisions, web page information, etc.).
    • Be fiscally responsible and operate on the same fiscal year as the Nevada Alumni Association, which begins July 1 and ends on June 30 of each year.
  • Chapter funding requests

    Each year, Nevada alumni chapters have the opportunity to request funding from the Nevada Alumni Association for chapter programs or events. Funding requests are due by June 1 of each year. Funding requests are approved by the Nevada Alumni Association Executive Committee, which is made up of seven members: president, past president, treasurer/president-elect, vice president for chapter development, vice president for community outreach, vice president for marketing and membership, and vice president for student outreach.

    In order to assist the Nevada Alumni Council Executive Committee in making their final funding determinations, each chapter must also complete the Annual Summary of Activity Survey by June 1 of each year. When chapter funding requests are brought before the Nevada Alumni Association Executive Committee, the group considers many details, including the following:

    • What is the total cost of the event? How much is the chapter asking the Association to contribute?
    • Have members of this chapter volunteered for any Nevada Alumni Association events?
    • What type of event (scholarship fund raising, social, membership drive, etc.) is this?
    • Has the chapter received funding for this event in the past?
    • How many active chapter members belong to this group?
    • How many active chapter members belong to the Nevada Alumni Association?
    • How many events does this chapter hold per year?
    • Is this a dues-paying chapter?
    • How will the Nevada Alumni Association be promoted/recognized?

     Depending on the nature of the request, chapters must also provide an additional spreadsheet outlining the funding request details.

    Funding request criteria

    • Chapters must contribute at least 50% of the total cost requested.
    • You must provide as detailed budget with your request.
    • You must complete the Annual Summary of Activity Survey with your request.
    • Funding requested for an event or purchase must be for a future event or purchase.
  • Printed materials

    A print release is required for all printing projects that cost more than $50. All print and copy jobs must meet the University's graphic standards to obtain a print release from the Office of Integrated Marketing prior to printing. Projects printed without prior approval are subject to review by the Office of the President. These projects may need to be reprinted at the originating chapter’s expense.

    Projects completed by the University Copy Center do not need a print release but must follow the University’s graphic standards.

    Please provide your alumni team liaison the following information at least one week prior to ordering printed materials:

    • A description of the type of project you’d like to print
    • The quantity of materials you will be printing
    • The estimated cost of your printing project
    • The preferred vendor you’d like to use
    • A PDF of the piece to be printed
  • Chapter logos

    From the Office of Marketing & Communications:

    We come from different colleges, programs, backgrounds and disciplines, but together we are Nevada. When any one of us goes out into the world, we represent not just ourselves but also the University as a whole. This is why we maintain marketing standards and policies. When we work together, we succeed together.

    If a chapter requests, a chapter logo - which has been approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications - will be provided by the Nevada Alumni Association.

    Please allow two weeks for your new logo.

    View all alumni chapter logos.

Getting started

The purpose of chapters is to act as charitable, social, and educational organizations in furtherance of the University of Nevada to develop closer fellowship among the alumni and friends of the University in designated geographic regions, special interest areas and/or specific colleges. The chapters act as ambassadors for the University and association by increasing the University’s visibility.

  • The Nevada Alumni Council

    The Nevada Alumni Council acts as the governing body of the Nevada Alumni Association. The Council’s membership includes:

    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Treasurer
    • Past-President
    • 1st Vice President
    • 2nd Vice President
    • 3rd Vice President

    Representatives at-Large

    A total of twenty (20) members represent the alumni at large. The current ASUN President serves as a voting member of the Council. The current GSA President serves as a voting member of the Council.

    Ex-officio members

    • Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation
    • Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations University of Nevada, Reno
    • Athletic Director of the University of Nevada, Reno. 
  • Mission statements

    Nevada Alumni Association

    To foster and cultivate a common bond of pride, affinity and connection among alumni, students, prospective students and friends of the University of Nevada through quality programs, services, and events.

    Division of Development and Alumni Relations

    Promote and enhance the purposes, goals, and objectives of the University of Nevada by raising funds and support through the development of relationships and friends. University of Nevada

    The University of Nevada, Reno

    • Prepares graduates to compete in a global environment through teaching and learning in high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in the liberal arts, sciences, and selected professions in agriculture, medicine, engineering, health care, education, journalism, and business;
    • Creates new knowledge through basic and applied research, scholarship, and artistry, in strategically selected fields relevant to Nevada and the wider world;
    • Improves economic and social development by engaging Nevada's citizens, communities, and governments; and Respects and seeks to reflect the gender, ethnic, cultural, and ability/disability diversity of the citizens of Nevada in its academic and support programs, and in the composition of its faculty, administration, staff, and student body.
  • Division of Development & Alumni Relations

    The division of Development and Alumni Relations is home to several departments which collaborate to raise friends and funds for the university. Below is a list of the different departments and their purposes:

    Office of Alumni Relations 

    The Office of Alumni Relations carries out the mission of the Nevada Alumni Association through event planning, programming, chapter management and conducting any other business of the association. The Office of Alumni Relations also produces the alumni magazine, Nevada Silver and Blue.

    Donor Relations 

    The Department of Donor Relations serves to engender positive feelings by donors about the organization and administration and impact of their gift, and provides ways to engage donors meaningfully in the programs they support. Donor Relations is a partner in the fundraising efforts of the division in understanding/managing/meeting/exceeding donor expectations.

    Foundation Operations 

    Foundation Operations provides support for University of Nevada, Reno Foundation Trustees and Trustees Emeriti.

    University Events 

    This office is focused on producing fundraising events. The team manages events for the Office of the President, Development Officers and acts as event consultants for various other departments throughout campus.

    Financial Services and Records 

    This team is responsible for the accounting of all gifts made to the University, event deposits, the division budget, the alumni and friends database, scholarships, technology.

    Annual Giving 

    The Annual Giving Office administers telemarketing campaigns for all schools and colleges on campus. The team also organizes the various Annual Fund campaign initiatives.

    Office of the Vice President

    The Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at the university supports the Foundation's operation and is the central fundraising organization for all academic and public service programs. Development and Alumni Relations offers consultation and assistance to colleges, schools, and departments with fund raising goals.

  • Defining alumni chapters

    A chapter is a group of alumni and/or friends with a set of bylaws and officers to guide the group’s activities and meetings. Chapters are encouraged to have at least two events each year and establish an endowed scholarship.

  • What are the purposes of a chapter?

    Chapters have four main purposes:

    1. To continue the connection and/or reconnect alumni and friends to the university,
    2. To act as ambassadors of the University of Nevada and support the university’s mission,
    3. Raise scholarship money for incoming and/or current students,
    4. To provide support and service to the university by serving on committees and acting as vehicles for ideas and opinions between alumni and the university.
  • Who may join an alumni chapter?

    Membership is determined by each group. In general, membership is open to anyone who has attended the University of Nevada for a minimum of six credit hours within one semester, whether a graduate or non-graduate. You may also wish to invite friends of the University. This group may include parents of current or past students, former faculty or staff members, or merely loyal friends of the University. In all cases, spouses or significant others of alumni or friends are invited to attend as well. Membership is never restricted to members of the University of Nevada Alumni Association. In other words, an alumni chapter is inclusive rather than exclusive. As long as the person has a genuine interest in the University, it is to your chapter’s advantage to include the individual in all activities.

  • Geographic chapters

    Geographic chapters play a vital role in the success of the University. These groups serve as regional representatives for the University. They help alumni stay connected to the University while living in different regions throughout the nation.

  • College chapters

    These chapters are formed by alumni from specific colleges within the University.

  • Heritage chapters

    These chapters have a base of membership that shares common traditions, customs or cultural history.

  • Special interest chapters

    These groups are similar to the heritage chapters in that they are based on a specific group of alumni and friends that share a common interest.

  • Inactive status

    A chapter will be placed on inactive status if, after one (1) year, the chapter does not meet the minimum requirements for remaining in good standing.

    Inactive status will be determined by the Alumni Council’s Vice President for Chapter Development, and a notification letter will be sent to the appropriate leadership group.

    Once a chapter is placed on inactive status, the group must reapply to obtain chapter status. Benefits provided to the group by the Nevada Alumni Association, as outlined in the manual, will no longer continue until the chapter has been approved by the Executive Committee.

Benefits provided to chapters

Chapters receive the following support from the Nevada Alumni Association.

  • Alumni team liaison

    Each chapter is assigned an alumni team liaison from the Nevada Alumni Association to help with event planning and keep the chapter informed of upcoming Nevada Alumni Association activities and current association policies.

  • University database

    Through the alumni team liaison, chapters have access to the main university database, which provides them with the most up-to-date alumni information and the ability to reach the most alumni possible.

  • Financial assistance

    Chapters can request financial assistance from the Nevada Alumni Association to aid with upcoming chapter events, mailings, giveaways, etc.

  • Targeted correspondence

    Chapters can send direct mail and emails through the Nevada Alumni Association. Chapters can tar-get alumni in a variety of ways – by department or college, geographic region, chapter membership, etc. – allowing chapters to promote events and send chapter news to a more tailored audience.

  • Social media

    Chapter leaders can work with their alumni team liaison to share chapter events and news on the Nevada Alumni Association social media channels. Alumni team liaisons can also work with chapter leadership to outline a social media strategy for the chapter on their own social media channels.

  • Additional publicity

    Chapters receive space to run updates in the Nevada Alumni Association section of the Nevada Silver & Blue magazine, which has a readership of more than 70,000. Chapter events are also promoted on the Nevada Alumni Association website.

  • Leadership opportunities

    Chapter presidents are invited to Nevada Alumni Council meetings and leadership retreats which pro-vide the opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas with other chapters.

  • Chapter membership promotion

    Chapter membership information is included on the Nevada Alumni Association’s membership registration website and printed membership brochure.

  • Simplified events

    The Nevada Alumni Association can coordinate online event registration and payment, which streamlines the RSVP process.  

  • Event eblast, collecting ticket revenue and RSVP assistance

    To set up an event registration link for a ticketed event, email your chapter liaison with all pertinent information listed below. Keep in mind that in order to give you accurate RSVPs, we need to close the online link two business days before you need the final list/count.  For example, if you need the final RSVPs by Friday, we’d have to close online RSVPs that Wednesday. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for your registration link to be created.

    If your event is free, you can set up your own registration link by using Eventbrite. *Eventbrite cannot be used to collect payment.*

    To send an eblast (even if you don’t need RSVP assistance) you must complete the eblast and events form on our website, which will require you to submit all the information below. Please allow at least two weeks before your target e-mail blast desired date. We will try to send your eblast on the date you suggest but we may have to send the eblast one or more days after it’s been scheduled if directed by our IT department. We will do our best to let you know if your eblast send date has been pushed but if you have a concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your chapter liaison.

    Information needed to send an event eblast and/or set up a ticketing link for an event

    Event Information Invitation: About 2-3 sentences inviting folks to join your chapter for X event, highlighting what you will be doing at the event, if you’re having a special guest, etc. If the event is ticketed, what to attendees get for their ticket (ex: Your ticket includes dinner or your ticket includes admittance and a drink, etc.)

    Name of event:


    Time: Include both start and end time

    RSVP By Date: *in order to give you accurate RSVPs, we need to close the online link two business days before you need the final list/count. For example, if you need the final RSVPs by Friday, we’d have to close online RSVPs that Wednesday. *

    Price/s: How much are you charging? Is there one ticket type or more than one? If there is more than one type of ticket available, what’s the difference in price?

    Location: a hyperlinked address is perfect

    Parking information (if not obvious, you should be totally fine to leave this off for a Whispering Vine event)

    Who to contact with any further questions: name, email and/or phone number

    Don’t forget items: Do they need to bring anything special? Holiday party: cookie/ornament exchange, networking event: resume/business cards; if it’s an outdoor event: chairs, blanket, or cash for food trucks

    Eblast specific: Send date/s: We can send up to two eblasts for the same event, when would you like me to send your eblast/s? We will try to send your eblast on the date you selected but may have to change the send date if directed by our IT department.

    Send list: Our generic chapter emailing lists are set to go to all chapter members and potential chapter members, if you want to tailor the list in any way (ex: alumni chapter members + potential chapter members in a specific area, or in a specific age group). If you don’t specify the send list we’ll send it to the usual list.

  • Contacting your members and potential members (eblast and mailings)

    The University of Nevada, Reno Foundation is charged with the responsibility to maintain complete and accurate records of all University donors and alumni. This information is kept strictly confidential. As a result, the Nevada Alumni Association is unable to provide chapters with contact information for their members.

    However, we are happy to assist you with contacting your chapter members on your behalf.

    Contacting members in this way not only keeps alumni information confidential, but also provides benefits to the chapters. The Foundation mails the alumni magazine quarterly and targeted mailings in between, so our mailing addresses are kept as up-to-date as possible with return-service requests.

    We can also slice and dice our database in many different ways, depending on how you’d like to contact people. For example, you can contact everyone who was in a specific fraternity or graduated within the last ten years or was a journalism graduate. That also means you can contact anyone who meets all many different criteria (ie: Young alumnus + journalism grad).

    For a mailing, contact your Alumni Team Liaison. Your chapter must have funds available in your ac-count to cover the cost of a mailing.

  • Obtaining a membership list

    The Nevada Alumni Association automatically provides each chapters with a list of active and recently lapsed chapter members on the first of each month. You can request additional membership lists through your alumni team liaison.

  • Membership renewals (for dues-paying chapters)

    The Nevada Alumni Association can assist your chapter with sending membership renewals via email. Members also have the option to sign up for auto-renewal when they initially purchase a membership. They will receive an e-mail the month prior to the auto-renewal taking place.

    If the member has not signed up for auto-renewal, they will receive an e-mail one month prior to the expiration date. If the member does not renew, they will receive an e-mail one month after their membership has expired letting them know they have lapsed. Please contact your Alumni Team Liaison for additional details.

Chapter finances

  • Chapter bank accounts

    To function under the Nevada Alumni Association’s 501(c)3, Board of Regents policy dictates that chapters are required to keep their accounts with the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation. Your alumni team liaison will assist with opening the account and walk you through the process. Chapter representatives have access to their funds and are responsible for keeping their account positive.

    Chapters are required to keep their accounts with the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation for a variety of reasons. Each chapter operates under the Nevada Alumni Association Inc.’s 501(c) 3 or tax-exempt status. For this reason, groups must keep their money under the auspices of the association. The benefits of keeping your account with the Foundation include exemption from filing chapter taxes at the end of each fiscal year, bank statements do not have to be provided and kept track of, the Nevada Alumni Association balances each account on a quarterly basis, and chapters with foundation accounts are eligible for a University purchasing card.

  • Accepting cash or check payments

    When accepting payment for chapter events or donations, checks should be made payable to the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation.

    All funds received must be deposited with the Foundation accounting office, located in the Mackay Science Building Room 127. Receipts in excess of $500 must be deposited within 24 hours of receipt. Lesser amounts must be deposited within 72 hours of receipt.

    If your chapter is located outside of the Reno-Sparks area, you have the option of making a deposit at Wells Fargo. Please contact your alumni team liaison for account details. Note: You must notify the Nevada Alumni Association of your deposit and mail or scan and email a copy of your receipt within 72 hours of your deposit.

    The Foundation does not have the ability to determine what location the deposit has been made. This means that we will have no way to determine which chapter made the deposit. Therefore, if we do not hear from your chapter within two weeks of a deposit being made, the funds will be transferred into a scholarship fund.

  • What are Purchasing Cards?

    Credit cards, otherwise known as purchasing cards, are available to chapters with Foundation accounts. Each chapter president and/or treasurer will go through a training session with the Office of Alumni Relations to gain better understanding of the purchasing process with the credit card. Up to two purchase cards are available to each chapter with a Foundation Account.

    All cardholders must sign and accept the terms and conditions of the purchasing card cardholder agreement. Each card has been assigned credit and transaction limits by the Controller’s Office.

    The purchasing card is NOT intended:

    • To avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing or payment procedures. Rather it complements the existing processes available
    • For personal use

     The purchasing card can be used to purchase food and/or supplies for an event or meeting.

  • Accepting credit card payments

    With every credit card transaction, confidential information is being entrusted to the University and your chapter.

    Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is a mandated set of security standards created by the major credit card companies to offer merchants and service providers like the University a complete unified approach to safeguarding cardholder data.

    Payment vendors must be approved by the University network security and an internal campus PCI auditor. Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) is the system that we use and is the only approved vendor.

    Vendors such as PayPal and EventBrite are not approved vendors and cannot be used for chapter event registration. If a chapter sets up a payment link through an unapproved vendor, they will be asked by Nevada Alumni Association staff to take the link down and follow proper procedure.

  • Purchasing cards receipts

    Chapter representatives are responsible for turning in all itemized receipts to the Nevada Alumni Association within one week of purchase. Receipts may be scanned or a picture may be taken of the receipt and emailed to the alumni liaison. It is the responsibility of the card holder to submit receipts on time.

     When sending receipts, please include:

    • Date, name and location of event OR description of the purchase
    • If payment of food/beverage at an event, provide all names of attendees if fewer than 20
  • Purchasing card limits

    The general credit and transaction limits assigned to each purchasing card are as follows:

    • Dollar amount per transaction $1,999.99
    • Dollar amount per month $1,999.99
    • Number of transactions per day unlimited up to $1,999.99
    • Number of transactions per month unlimited up to $1,999.99

    ** Purchase limits reset on the 12th of each month.**

    These limits may be adjusted based upon the individual needs of the cardholder in consultation with the Purchasing Card Administrator. Any changes to the transaction limits must be approved by the card-holder’s department chair/director on the Purchasing Card Cardholder Form.

    Purchases must be for the use and benefit of the university and must have an identified business purposes.

    You cannot make a purchase that is over your limit and paying half of it now and half of it when the card resets.

  • The purchasing card cannot be used for the following goods or services:
    • Liquor including cocktails. *Please see Alcohol Hosting Policy for more details.
    • Items for personal use
    • Cash advances
    • Independent contractor expenses other than airfare
    • Printing/copying service over $50 must be approved by Marketing & Communications and release authorization number given).
    • Travel expenses for employee’s hotels, meals and personal travel expenses.

     Additional goods or services may be specifically excluded for individual cardholders. See the card-holder agreement for a complete list of exclusions.

    Splitting a purchase card transaction(s) to avoid the limits placed on the p-card is not allowed.

     The purchase card is NOT to be used by anyone other than the person whose name is on the card.

     Violation of these policies will result in deactivation of all purchase cards for the chapter. Once a purchasing card is deactivated, the individual can never receive another purchasing card from the University. Fraudulent use of the purchasing card may result in disciplinary action and personal liability of the card-holder. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to assure that the purchasing card is secured at all times.

  • Lost or stolen card

    It is the cardholder’s responsibility to report the loss of the card immediately to the issuing bank and the Nevada Alumni Association. If your purchasing card is lost or stolen, immediately notify JP Morgan Chase at (800) 848-2813 and the Nevada Alumni Association at (888) NV ALUMS. Charges to the card are the cardholder's responsibility until the card has been reported as missing/stolen.

  • Tipping policy

    In accordance with Board of Regents' policy, gratuity on meals should not be more than 20%.

    If a purchasing card holder tips more than 20% on a restaurant bill, he or she will be asked to reimburse the University from personal (not chapter) funds.

  • Alcohol hosting policy

    The Nevada Alumni Association supports the University’s position of creating an environment that reduces or eliminates the adverse consequences of alcohol misuse. The purpose of this policy is to minimize the liability that the University staff, volunteers and or the Nevada Alumni Association may incur in the event of an accident at an off-campus chapter event.

    If the chapter leadership approves, chapter funds can be used to purchase beer, wine or wine coolers at board meetings or other events. A maximum of one beer or wine beverage per person can be hosted with chapter funds. Hard liquor cannot be purchased with chapter funds. This includes shots and cocktails. The only exception to this is in the case of a participant paid event - one mixed drink per person may be purchased with a meal.

     Any additional alcoholic beverages may be purchased by individuals in attendance. It is the chapter’s responsibility to promote drinking responsibly at events.

    It is preferable that food and non-alcoholic beverages are served or available for purchase. It is the chapter’s responsibility to ensure that alcohol is served legally and responsibly. Be sure that proper identification is provided by attendees to the establishment/security.

  • Making purchases

    When paying for a chapter expense, we encourage chapters to use purchasing cards when possible. If your chapter does not have a purchasing card, your Alumni Team Liaison can pay an invoice for you with the Nevada Alumni Association’s purchasing card.

    When making a purchase on a University purchasing card in the state of Nevada, no sales tax should be charged, as the University of Nevada is tax exempt. The University is exempt by NRS 372.325, NRS 374.330 and NRS 377. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to ensure that State of Nevada sales tax is not charged. The State of Nevada Sales Tax exemption letters are available from the Nevada Alumni Association and the Tax ID number can be found on the front of each purchasing card.

    If an invoice is over $1,999.99 or your vendor does not accept credit cards, payment arrangements need to be made ahead of time with your chapter liaison.

    To make payment arrangements, please provide your Alumni Team Liaison with an invoice two weeks before payment is due. Payment arrangements must be made before any service is rendered.

  • Tax benefits

    Chapters can fundraise under the 501(C)3 umbrella of the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation. Some chapters use this opportunity to raise money for annual or endowed scholarships for University of Nevada students.

  • Support for non-University non-profits

    The Nevada Alumni Association is a 501(c)3. As such, it is the University of Nevada, Reno and its Foundation’s policy that we, and by extension our alumni chapters, do not provide financial gifts to other 501(c)3s outside of the University of Nevada. If alumni chapters wish to support non-profits out-side of the University, it is acceptable to purchase tickets/tables to charitable events or provide volunteer opportunities to members.

  • Account sweeping

    After one year of inactivity, a chapter is declared inactive. From the date of inactivity, the chapter has two years to reapply for active chapter status before their campus operating account is closed. If funds remain in the chapter’s campus operating account, those funds will be transferred to the chapter’s scholarship fund. If the chapter does not have a scholarship fund, the monies will be transferred to the Nevada Alumni Association scholarship endowment. A notification letter will be mailed to the main chapter contact.

Event information

  • Sample events

    Athletic events

    • Professional football, basketball, baseball or hockey games tickets
    • Tailgate parties at University football, base-ball, and basketball games
    • Away-game parties
    • Rooter buses

     Community service activities

    • Food drives
    • Clothing drives
    • Volunteer opportunities

     Cultural events

    • Concerts
    • Theatrical performances
    • Museum exhibits

     Mystery and holiday dinners

    • Bus trips to restaurants
    • Winter holiday meals

     Scholarship fundraisers

    • Dinners
    • Golf tournaments


    • Cocktail parties or happy hours
    • Appetizer or dessert receptions
    • Potluck dinners

     Summer send-offs for Nevada  freshmen

    • Barbecue in honor of incoming students from your area


    • Wine and/or beer tastings
    • Volunteer for Nevada Alumni Assoc. events
    • Service on association committees
    • Faculty or athletic speaker receptions
    • Student mentoring
    • Career networking
  • Dining on campus

    Silver and Blue Catering, the University’s contracted food service company, has the exclusive right to provide food service on the University campus. See the University’s Administrative Manual for exceptions. 

  • Dining off campus

    Chapter members who purchase meals related to chapter business should obtain an ITEMIZED RE-CEIPT identifying each food and beverage charge as well as gratuity, regardless of the form of payment used. When making a food or beverage purchase on a purchasing card in the state of Nevada, no sales tax should be charged, as the University of Nevada is tax exempt. Along with the itemized receipt, chapters must include a list of those in attendance at each event/meeting if there are under 20 participants.

    Tipping policy

    • In accordance with Board of Regents' policy, gratuity on meals should not be more than 20%.
    • If a purchasing card holder tips more than 20% on a restaurant bill, he or she will be asked to reimburse the University from personal (not chapter) funds.

    Alcohol hosting policy

    • Beer, wine and wine coolers may be purchased with chapter funds. A maximum of one alcoholic drink per person may be hosted with chapter funds.
    • Liquor, including shots and cocktails, may not be purchased with chapter funds.