Nevada Alumni Association chapter funding

The Nevada Alumni Association awards chapter funding and dollars to chapters whose efforts align with the Alumni Association’s core values. The chapter funds are designed to support high-impact endeavors and to support new and existing chapter events throughout the year. There are no established maximum or minimum dollar amounts. Rather, chapter funding amounts will vary depending on the size and scope of the event and the impact it has on the alumni community. We ask that you submit chapter funding requests no less than 45-60 days in advance. Applications will be reviewed regularly and will be awarded in part on in whole based on review.

Nevada Alumni Association core values

  • To foster and cultivate a common bond of pride, affinity and connection among alumni, students, prospective students and friends of the University of Nevada, Reno through quality programs, services and events.
  • Act as charitable, social, and educational organizations in furtherance of the University of Nevada to develop closer fellowship among the alumni and friends of the University in designated geographic regions, special interest areas and/or specific colleges. 
  • Be ambassadors for the University and association by increasing the University’s visibility.
  • Continue the connection and/or reconnect alumni and friends to the University.
  • Promote and enhance the purposes, goals, and objectives of the University of Nevada by raising funds and support through the development of relationships and friends.

Application process

Please include in the application any content and media that can be used to support and promote the proposed activity. Be sure to use the hashtag #NevadaAlumniAssociation on social media and tag us in your photos!

In submitting a form for funding, your chapter agrees to work with the Nevada Alumni Association after the event to provide us with a summary, pictures and other associated media for use in the Silver and Blue magazine as well as on social platforms.

Submit your funding form