Chapter raffles

For those of you who raise money by holding raffles... keep reading!

 In 2019, the laws and regulations were amended. The recent amendments can be found here (AB 117). In general, the amendments were largely aimed at allowing increased fundraising activities, and to streamline the approval process for charitable organizations. A link to the existing laws and regulations can be found here (NRS Chapter 462, NGC Regulation 4A).

These regulations do NOT affect those chapters based outside of Nevada.

 If you have questions about whether or not your chapter event will require a lottery application, please see The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Lottery and Gaming activities FAQ.

To complete your application, visit the Nevada Gaming Control Board website. Fill out the application and then reach out to your alumni office chapter liaison who can help facilitate submitting your application and mailing the $25 application fee check to the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Once your application has been completed and approved by the Gaming Control Board, be sure to bring your certificate of approval to the event and let your chapter liaison know your chapter’s lottery application has been approved.