Academic Recognition

Distinction at Graduation: The faculty of each college of the university shall recognize the top students receiving a bachelor's degree from their college, based upon the following requirements:

  • At least ninety (90) semester credits are earned in courses graded "A" through "F."
  • At least sixty (60) semester credits are earned in residence at the university in courses graded "A" through "F."
  • Transfer students must satisfy the GPA requirement at this university and in the combined, transfer-university GPA.

Those students in the top 1% of their college's graduates receive the title of Summa Cum Laude, the top 5%-1.01% receive the title of Magna Cum Laude, and the top 10%-5.01% receive the title of Cum Laude. Ranking is based on University of Nevada, Reno and cumulative grade point averages. Academic recognition at graduation ceremonies is based upon the requirements fulfilled in the most recent prior semester.

Grade point averages from the previous two academic years are used to determine the averages in effect for graduates in the current academic year.

In addition to being eligible for the above distinction from their colleges, students in the Honors Program shall have the additional distinction of graduating With Honors. (Honors students will be recognized at graduation based on the catalog language in force the year they entered their major program.)

Policy current as of 9/14/11