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2011 News Stories: July

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Tuscia OperafestivalUniversity music students learn and perform in Italy
July 27, 2011 • By Kate Dunlap
The Tuscia Operafestival is held annually in Viterbo, Italy during the summer and two Nevada students are fortunate to perform.

Jarell GreenPearson Foundation recognizes student
July 27, 2011 • By Tiffany Moore
University nursing major Jarell Green recently received the title of National Fellow of the Pearson Prize for Higher Education.

Kerry SeymourCooperative Extension programs named regional qualifiers by WEDA
July 22, 2011 • By Jim Sloan
Nevada Cooperative Extension programs for young adults and teachers have earned regional recognition.

Courtney BellCourtney Bell strives to be the Wizard of Oz of helping people
July 20, 2011 • By Tiffany Moore
Nevada alum Courtney Bell helps people succeed, volunteering as the executive director of the People First Foundation, which he founded.

Cooperative Extension's TextToday program expanding to Washoe schools
July 19, 2011 • By Jim Sloan
Cooperative Extension’s TextToday program may reduce Nevada’s third-in-the-nation suicide rate by helping young people who are more willing to share their feelings through electronic means.

University’s Renewable Energy Center welcomes new director
July 19, 2011 • By Tiffany Moore
Miles Greiner, professor of mechanical engineering, has been named Interim Director of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Renewable Energy Center.

Karen HintonExtension Dean receives national award
July 18, 2011 • By Jim Sloan
Karen Hinton was named an 'eXtension Champion' for work connecting Extension services across the U.S.

Spring round-up at Gund RanchNew ag-related degrees benefit students and meet industry needs
July 14, 2011 • By Mike Wolterbeek
New programs aimed at meeting the state’s changing needs for agriculture and rangeland are being implemented in CABNR for the coming fall semester.

The Combustability of Landscape MulchesCooperative Extension's Living With Fire program releases study on fire hazards
July 13, 2011 • By Jim Sloan
A study from Cooperative Extension’s Living With Fire Program shows that most common mulches are combustible under dry, hot and windy weather conditions.

Uprooted TreeUniversity Extension experts helping homeowners keep trees healthy
July 13, 2011 • By Wendy Hanson Mazet
Trees planted in lawns need special care such as deep watering so the roots will grow deep and anchor the tree.

Dr. Steven ZellUniversity doctor offers overseas travel consults to campus community
July 13, 2011 • By Anne McMillin
Many vacationers will spend thousands of dollars on a trip only to suffer from a travel-related illness that limits their experience and enjoyment.

Geothermal industry to get boost from University research
July 8, 2011 • By Mike Wolterbeek
An ambitious project to understand and characterize geothermal potential at nearly 500 sites throughout the Great Basin is yielding a bounty of information.

Zeb Hogan in Australia with Murray CodMegafish researcher pits fact vs. fiction in new season of Monster Fish TV shows
July 8, 2011 • By Mike Wolterbeek
New Monster Fish shows debut on National Geographic Channel featuring host Zeb Hogan of CABNR's Department of Natural Resources.

Sean McGoldrick, new associate vice president for facilities servicesUniversity welcomes new associate vice president for facilities services
July 8, 2011 • By Natalie Savidge
Sean McGoldrick will join the University of Nevada, Reno as associate vice president for facilities services.

Photography by Gus Bundy – Reno’s Valerie Gallery, November 1952.University’s Knowledge Center opens Post-War Bohemians exhibit
July 6, 2011 • By Claudene Wharton
After World War II, some Nevada artists were producing nontraditional art and living lifestyles that matched. Their work is being displayed at the Knowledge Center.

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