ePAWS being replaced by new system, MyNEVADA

3/28/2011 | By: Jason Ching  |

The University of Nevada, Reno is replacing ePAWS, the online enrollment system used by every student on campus. The ongoing transition will affect all students taking classes in fall 2011 and beyond.

The new system, MyNEVADA, will be able to handle all the kinds of operations that students formerly conducted on ePAWS, such as paying bills and registering for classes. In addition, students will have access to new features such as a tool to plan which courses they will take and access to grades as soon as teachers post them.

“There are so many features included in MyNEVADA,” said Associate Registrar Heather Turk Fiecoat. “The result will be greater flexibility and convenience for students and less standing in line at Admissions and Records.”

All classes for fall 2011 will be handled through MyNEVADA. Students taking summer classes will use ePAWS one last time for those summer classes. Fiecoat wanted to assure students that the University will be working hard to smooth out all the bumps in the transition to the new system so they can enjoy the helpful new interface of MyNEVADA.

"Everything students were able to do in ePAWS they’ll be able to do in MyNEVADA, but in a much more user-friendly format,” Fiecoat said. “Focus groups of students have loved the new system and have said navigating it is like navigating many shopping sites they are already used to.”

The University needed to replace the antiquated ePAWS because it will no longer be supported by the company which created it. In addition, the Nevada System of Higher Education is integrating all its institutions across the state into one operating system. This move will allow for easier technical support and will be the first step in integrating student information, human resources and financial systems.

MyNEVADA will continue to roll out features over the coming months, with all features scheduled to be in place by the end of summer. These features include a degree audit, enrollment verification and the ability to request both official and unofficial transcripts.

Training opportunities, drop-in sessions, online help and other information are available. For information, visit: MyNEVADA Blogs


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