Engineering seniors present new technologies for business

4/28/2011 | By: Staff Report  |

The seniors of the University of Nevada, Reno’s Department of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering will showcase their final projects at the senior electrical engineering design final presentations on Friday, April 29.

Under the guidance of class instructors Cristian Lascu and Chen Yan Tao, and Department Chair Mehdi Etezadi, teams of around five people each worked to create innovative technology and learn how to run a business in engineering.

“In this class, the seniors take the knowledge from their last several semesters and use it to create a business and make a product not currently in the market,” Etezadi said.“Then they learn how to be an entrepreneur and build a successful company.

One of the projects, Energy Harvesting Clothing was created by Evelyn Mercado, Anthony Goodwin, Joseph Connelly and Ryan Puccinelli. The clothing works by collecting energy created through the movement of the wearer and the clothing’s exposure to light. The collected energy is then used to power small personal portable electronic devices.

Another project, Hinada Blinds, was created by Nickolas Hicks, Craig Soule, Sanjayan Bhakeerathan, Justin Nickles and Marvin Grande. The blinds are built like normal window blinds, but with panels that follow the sun throughout the day to collect energy. The energy is stored in a battery that can be used to power USB devices and cell phones.

Other projects to be presented include InteL_E_D, a low power energy efficient LED light bulb system created by Mark Skidmore, Jordon Tolotti, Bobby Jassal, Corinne Beall and Audrey Sue Cruz; the KD-9, a high-tech training device for dogs, created by Erik Chalko, Richard Campbell, Jason Wilkins, Jon Dewald and Steven Kretschmer; the Energy Efficient Air Filter Sensor, created by Issa Beekun, Umar Ijaz, Jake Seifman, Evanne Wang and Dennis Williams; and the Electronic Flash Bang, a reusable non-explosive flash bang device created by Brandon Smith, James Walker, Brian Son and Yu Dong Luo.

The presentations will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Scrugham Engineering and Mines building, room 101.


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