University students and professionals say “Yes we can!”

4/5/2011 | By: Natalie Savidge  |

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada's 8th Annual CANstruction competition was held last weekend, and a team of University students all interning at NV Energy took "Structural Ingenuity" honors for their "Can You Spare One Can?" display.

The display, depicting three bowling pins and a bowling ball, used 1,159 cans and took more than 40 hours to design and construct. The design professional for their team was Jimmy Walker, a student engineering intern at the Ohm Place NV Energy facility. NV Energy sponsored the interns' entry.

"Our concept was meant to bring awareness to the fact that only one can of food will make a huge difference to hungry people in the community," said intern Whitney Lee.

An additional team of students from Whitehead Elementary School was led by design professional Dolores Henderson, an NV Energy telecomm drafter. Their entry, titled "Sea of Possibilities to End Hunger," won the "Jurors' Favorite" award and required nearly 4,000 cans of food to create. Their display featured a massive underwater backdrop with an octopus breaking into a treasure chest in the foreground. All entries were on display through the weekend at Meadowood Mall in Reno.

The annual event, co-sponsored by the northern Nevada Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and billed as the "Incredible Edible Design Competition," puts a spotlight on hunger while showcasing the northern Nevada design community's best and brightest. Six University student and six professional teams built displays for the competition that brought in more than 19,000 pounds of food and an additional $887 from people's choice voting for the Food Bank.

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