Libraries offer 'eReader' feature for campus

Libraries offer 'eReader' feature for campus

The University of Nevada, Reno Libraries provide access to a substantial collection of digital books, journals, newspapers, numeric datasets, and other computer-based information resources (digital content).

At the same time an increasing number of University students, faculty, and staff are transitioning from desktop computing to hand-held devices such as tablets, eReaders and Smart Phones.

Which begs the question: How well do our digital content collections play on mobile devices?

Rather than having the campus discover that by trial and error (and a potentially large investment), University Libraries has procured several different eReaders and tested how they work with Libraries digital content.

Find out more about E-Readers: click the tabs at the top of the page to read what the Libraries has learned about each type of device. You'll also find some suggestions both on how to access e-content directly from the devices and on how to copy PC-based content to the devices.

And please visit the @One Reader Bar in the Knowledge Center to test these out yourselves.

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