New director of the Core Curriculum to continue to serve educational mission of the University

10/10/2011 | By: Misha Ray  |

Kate Berry, current associate professor of geography, has been named director of the Core Curriculum, a newly redesigned, part-time position for which she will assume duties starting Oct. 15. Berry’s 18-year-history with the University of Nevada, Reno gives her the background necessary to work with faculty to develop and evaluate these required, foundational courses.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to support the Core Curriculum so it continues to be the cornerstone of every undergraduate student's academic experience at the University,” Berry said.

Berry received her bachelor's of science degree in forestry and natural resources from Northern Arizona University, a master’s of science degree in watershed management from Colorado State University, and a doctorate degree in geography from University of Colorado, Boulder. She has been teaching at the University since 1993 and has considerable experience in teaching core classes, as well as diversity and capstone courses. Along with her teaching experience at the University, she has had the opportunity to serve on several University, department and college committees to continue making the University a great campus.

In her position as Core Curriculum director, Berry will advise University administration on matters regarding the academic core curriculum, work with the General Education Task Force throughout the year and continue to teach in the Department of Geography.

“I will work with my colleagues and students to ensure that this critical component of our educational mission can be delivered efficiently, effectively, and in a consistent matter,” she said.


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