New rental car program Connects students

New to the University of Nevada, Reno, the Connect by Hertz program is very successful on campuses across the country. Seen here is the Toyota Rav4, parked in the parking lot between Nye and Canada residence halls.

1/24/2011 | By: Misha Ray  |

Until recently, students at the University of Nevada, Reno could not rent a car until the age of 25. With the new Connect by Hertz program, students can now rent a car directly on campus at the age of 18.

At eight dollars per hour, students and faculty of the University can register for this program online, receive an individual access card and rent a car anytime of the day or night. Students or faculty signed up for the program can go online, check the status of the car they wish to rent and make the reservation online.

"The eight dollars per hour or 62 dollars per day buys you gas, insurance, GPS coverage, road-side assistance and the car," said Michelle Horton, alternate transportation and special event manager for Parking and Transportation Services. "The cars can be reserved by the hour or by the day if students want to take a day trip to Tahoe. It is such a great deal and the best part is you only need to be 18 years old."

For students without vehicles, like 18-year-old Armin Garcia, this program is a perfect solution for getting around.

"I would use this car for daily errands or my friends and I have been wanting to go to San Francisco for a weekend, I could use it for that too," Garcia said. "Especially because the cost includes gas, it's great."

The University currently has two vehicles from the Connect program, a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Rav4. If enough interest is expressed in the program, more cars will become available, Horton said. The cars have designated parking spots in the parking lot between Canada and Nye residence halls where they will remain parked 24 hours a day unless being used.

"Parents could potentially save a lot of money with this program," Horton said. "If they just have their credit card on file for their student to use the car whenever they need, students wouldn't need to use their own gas or worry about parking on campus."

This program was launched this spring and by the fall 2011 semester, program representatives hope it will catch on with students and parents.

For more information about the Connected by Hertz program, visit the Parking Services website.


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