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Nevada researchers tackle a diverse range of issues

Nevada's Earth Science research is breaking new ground each semester of every year, and as always, is a continuing resource of regional and national geological information.


Department research includes application of a wide variety of techniques to not only understand of the origin of hydrothermal ore deposits, but to develop methods to better mine deposits and explore for new ones.


Geological Engineering applies various earth sciences to everything from obtaining renewable and nonrenewable natural resources to exploring Earth's neighbors in the solar system.

Hydrology &

Geological & Environmental Sciences researchers partner with the Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Science and the Desert Research Institute to produce wide-ranging research.


The Center for Neotectonic Studies looks at the motions of the Earth's crust with the goals of understanding the physics of earthquake recurrence, the growth of mountains, and the seismic hazard embodied in these processes.


The Nevada Seismology Laboratory operates a statewide network of seismographic stations and investigates the sizes, frequencies of occurrence, and distribution of earthquakes and other seismic risk in the region.

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