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Intramural Sports

Students playing intramural soccer

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Fitness and Recreational Sports Intramural Program offers students many fun and inexpensive sport activities. For more information about intramural sports or to pick up official entry forms, visit the Membership Service Desk on the first floor of the Lombardi Recreation Building or call (775) 784-1897.

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For scores, standings and the most up-to-date information visit the intramural sports website.

Sports Schedules

(All dates and rates subject to change)

Fall 2015

SportRegistration Deadline/(Cost)Payment Deadline/CostCaptain's MeetingFormat
Flag Football 8/30/2016 ($175) 8/31/2016 ($200) 9/1/2016 (6pm) League
Coed Volleyball 9/6/2016 ($175) 9/7/2016 ($200) 9/8/2016 (7pm) League

Outdoor Soccer

10/4/2016 ($175) 10/5/2016 ($200) 10/6/2016 (7pm) League
Basketball 9/27/2016 ($175) 9/28/2016 ($200) 9/29/2016 (7pm)


Spring 2016

SportRegistration Deadline/(Cost)Payment Deadline/CostCaptain's MeetingFormat
Basketball 1/31/2017 ($175) 2/1/2017 ($200) 2/2/2017 (7pm) League

Futsal (Indoor Soccer)

3/7/2017 ($175) 3/8/2017 ($200) 3/9/2017 (7pm)


*Due to the move into the E. L. Wiegand 

Fitness Center Spring dates are subject to 

change. Please visit IMLeagues for update



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