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Bachelor of Arts in French

Students who receive a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice complete a degree preparing them for justice-related careers, graduate study and law school. The department's two undergraduate tracks, criminal justice major and law and justice specialization, are not intended to serve as applied professional training programs; rather, they are academically centered programs that focus on the legal, ethical, administrative, theoretical and behavioral aspects of the justice system and its various parts, as identified in the department's student learning outcomes and objectives.

Both programs stress the importance of research, critical thinking and writing skills essential for criminal justice and justice-related careers in today's society.

The criminal justice major broadly focuses on the various components of the criminal justice system, criminological theory, and issues of diversity, mythology, and ethics. Students attracted to the program are interested in a variety of careers including criminal justice, behavioral science, politics and treatment services.

Recommended Schedule

View the recommended schedule on the course catalog. Please note that catalog requirements might change, and you always should confirm your schedule with your advisor.

For a major, 30 credits are required, all of which must be 300 level or above, except for the required course in culture, French 221. Twelve of the 30 required credits must be completed on the Reno campus. Prior to signoff on the DARS reconciliation form for graduation, students must have an oral interview and provide a written sample of their French work to the department (for internal purposes only).

If you'd like to learn more about what the French program offers, get answers regarding financial aid or receive assistance when applying, please complete the form below to speak to one of our Admission Coordinators.

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