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Digital Interactive Games, Minor

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Contact the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at or (775) 784-6974.

The gaming industry offers a variety of jobs, from designer to programmer to producer, in a number of industries, including business, music and computing.

This minor is open to all students. We especially encourage students from arts, journalism, education, and anyone interested in simulations and in computer and video games to consider pursuing this minor.

Requirements for the minor in digital interactive games

The minor requires seven courses. Requirements for computer science and engineering majors differ from requirements for students with other majors. Computer science and engineering majors must take four of the required courses, while non majors must take all five of the courses listed below.  These courses include computer science and game development topics.

  • CS 135 Computer Science 1
  • CS 202 Computer Science 2
  • CS 302 Data Structures
  • CS 328 Fundamentals of Game Design
  • CS 381 The Game Development Pipeline

Elective courses

The remaining two courses can be drawn from computer science and engineering, art or journalism, and they can be tailored to your interests in the field, such as artificial intelligence, interactive media or graphics.

Eligible elective courses include the following:

  • CS 420 Human Computer Interaction
  • CS 480 Graphics
  • CS 481 Advanced Game Development
  • CS 482 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 483 Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • CPE 481 Embedded Games Development
  • Art 345 Sound and Image
  • ART 350 Advanced Digital Media
  • ART 441 Seminar on Art and Technology
  • ART 451 Problems in Digital Media
  • JOUR 354 Game Design for Journalists
  • JOUR 451 Interactive Media

Contact Computer Science and Engineering

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