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Kelley Stewart, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., Department of Biology & Wildlife and Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2004
  • M.S., Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Texas A&M University, Kingsville, 1997
  • B.S., University of California, Davis, 1993

Research Interests

I am interested in population ecology of large mammals, and effects of density dependence on population growth, movement patterns, habitat selection, and both inter- and intraspecific competition. I am also interested in community-level effects of population dynamics of large mammals, such as changes in plant growth, community structure, and trophic cascades.

Selected Publications

  • Andreasen, A. M., Stewart, K., Longland, W. S., Beckman, J. P., Forister, M. L. 2012, Identification of source-sink dynamics in mountain lions of the Great Basin., Molecular Ecology/Blackwell, 21(23), 5689-5701.
  • Morano, S., Stewart, K., Sedinger, J. S., Nicolai, C., Vavra, M. 2012, Life-history strategies of North American elk: trade-offs associated with reproduction and survival., Journal of Mammalogy, 93(6), 11.
  • Kelley M. Stewart, R. Terry Bowyer, Brian L. Dick & John G. Kie 2011, Effects of density dependence on diet composition of North American elk Cervus elaphus and mule deer Odocoileus hemionus: an experimental manipulation, Wildl. Biol. 17: 417-430.
    Stewart, K., Bowyer, R. T., Dick, B. L., Kie, J. G. 2011, Population density of North American elk: density-dependent effects on diet composition of mule deer and elk, Wildlife Biology, 17(4), 417-430.
  • Bowyer, R. T., Rachlow, J. L., Stewart, K., VanBallenberghe, V. 2011, Vocalizations by Alaskan moose: female incitation of male aggression, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 65(12), 2251-2260.
  • Nova O. Simpson, Kelley M. Stewart, And Vernon C. Bleich 2011, What have we learned about water developments for wildlife? Not enough!, California Fish and Game 97(4):190-209.
  • Stewart, K. M., R. T. Bowyer, J. G. Kie, and M. A. Hurley. 2010, Spatial distributions of mule deer and North American elk: resource partitioning in a sage-steppe environment., American Midland Naturalist 163:400-412.
  • Stewart, K. M., R. T. Bowyer, J. G. Kie, B. L. Dick, and R. W. Ruess. 2009, Population density of North American elk: effects on plant diversity., Oecologia 161:303-312.
  • Whiting, J. C., K. M. Stewart, R. T. owyer, and J. T. Flinders. 2009, Reintroduced bighorn sheep: do felames adjust maternal care to compensate for late-born young?, European Journal of Wildlife Research. Published online November 2009. .
  • K.M. Stewart, R. T. Bowyer, R.W. Ruess, B.L. Dick, J. G. Kie 2007, Herbivore optimization by North American elk: consequences for theory and management, Wildlife Monographs 167: 1-24.
  • Stewart, K. M., R. T. Bowyer, B. L. Dick, B. K. Johnson, and J. G. Kie. 2006, Density Dependence in North American Elk: An Experimental Test, Oecologia 143:85-93.
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  • Stewart, K. M., R. T. Bowyer, R. W. Ruess, B. L. Dick, and J. G. Kie. 2005, Herbivore optimization in North American elk: consequences for theory and management., Wildlife Monographs 167.
  • Stewart, K. M., R. T. Bowyer, J. G. Kie, B. L. Dick, and M. Ben-David 2003, Niche partitioning among mule deer, elk, and cattle: do stable isotopes reflect dietary niche?, Écoscience 10:297-302.
  • Stewart, K. M., T. E. Fulbright, D. L. Drawe, and R. T. Bowyer. 2003, Sexual segregation in white-tailed deer: responses to habitat manipulations, Wildlife Society Bulletin 31:1210-1217.
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  • Kelley M. Stewart, R. Terry Bowyer,* John G. Kie, Norman J. Cimon, And Bruce K. Johnson 2002, Temporospatial Distributions Of Elk, Mule Deer, And Cattle: Resource Partitioning And Competitive Displacement, Journal of Mammalogy, 83(1):229-244, 2002.
    R. Terry Bowyer,* Kelley M. Stewart, John G. Kie, And William C. Gasaway 2001, Fluctuating Asymmetry In Antlers Of Alaskan Moose: Size Matters, Journal of Mammalogy, 82(3):814-824.
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  • K.M. Stewart, T.E. Fulbright, D.L. Drawe 2000, White-Tailed Deer Use Of Clearings Relative To Forage Availability, J. Wildl. Manage. 64(3):2000.
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