Development & Deployment of Innovative Asphalt Pavement Technologies

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has an ongoing Accelerated Implementation and Deployment of Pavement Technologies (AIDPT) Program, which includes the deployment of innovative technologies to improve pavement performance and reduce agency risk. A constant challenge in the transportation community is timely and efficient deployment of these new and innovative technologies. This is particularly true in the area of asphalt pavements. It often takes years, and sometimes decades, to change business practices, revise specifications, or refine production and construction practices.

The Pavement Engineering & Science (PES) program in the Civil end Environmental Engineering department was selected to stimulate, facilitate, and expedite the deployment and rapid adoption of new and innovative technology relating to the design, production, testing, control, construction, and investigation of asphalt pavements. The proposed project is a cooperative effort between the FHWA and the University of Nevada, Reno team to improve the quality and performance of asphalt pavements.

Products will include developing marketing/implementation plans, engaging subject matter experts to aid in conducting forensic investigations pertaining to deployment and in the refinement of specifications and practices, developing web-based training tools, marketing of case studies, data analysis, market analysis, specification tracking, compilation of findings, and supporting stakeholder engagement. This effort will leverage the unique technology capabilities and facilities of the University's team with FHWA’s mission. 

The University's team consists of the PES program faculty, and two subcontractors: Applied Research Associates (ARA) and Paragon Technical Services, Inc. The project performance period is 5 years.


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