Concrete testing

We offer the following tests for concrete:

  • Petrographic examination of hardened concrete: Determines the mineralogical and chemical characteristics of hardened concrete samples.
  • Fresh concrete tests (slump, unit weight, air content, kelly ball penetration):  Measures consistency, air content, and unit weight of fresh concrete.
  • Chloride ion penetration test: Quantifies the durability of concrete by measuring the resistance to the penetration of chloride ion.
  • Flexural beam test: The 55,000 lb capacity Instron measures the flexural strength of concrete beams.
  • Uniaxial tension test:  A new Instron tensile testing machine with 55,000 lb capacity measures the tensile behavior of concrete (Dog bone test).
  • Compression test: Satec 500,000 lb capacity compression-testing machine can handle any type of concrete sample (including UHPC) in any shape.
Concrete tests and standards
Test description AASHTO standards ASTM Standards
Abrasion resistance C944
Air content C231, C173
Bond strength/pull off test TP114 C882/C1583
Compressive strength C39
Flexural strength C78, C293
Resistance to Chloride Ion penetration T259 C1202
Scaling resistance C672
Set time C403
Tensile strength/tensile strain capacity under development under development
Unit weight C138
Workability C143, C1611