Students and researchers in the pavements lab

Undergraduate Program in Pavements/Materials Engineering

Undergraduate students in the civil engineering program can specialize in pavements/materials engineering.

Our program welcomes undergraduate researchers into our laboratories to assist in research projects.

Graduate Program in Pavements/Materials Engineering

The Pavements/Materials Engineering Program in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno has a highly active research program leading to graduate studies at the Master (M.S.) and Ph.D. levels. The program is ranked among the top five programs in the world.

Dr. Peter E. Sebaaly is the Director of the Program and a Professor of Civil Engineering. Drs. Sebaaly and Hajj have over 35 combined years of experience in the areas of pavement materials and design, rehabilitation and management of highway and airport infrastructures, and geotechnical engineering as related to highway construction.

The program conducts research projects in the areas of pavement materials, design, and rehabilitation, and geotechnical engineering. The research projects are sponsored by States Departments of Transportation, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Private Industry. The main thrust of the program is to conduct state-of-the-art research on asphalt materials to improve their long-term durability and their resistance to load stresses, aging, and environmental factors including moisture damage.

Research Assistantships

The program offers research assistantships for bright and hard working civil engineering students meeting the following criteria:

  • Completed Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from an accredited university
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.00/4.00 or better
  • Take the GRE Exam (no minimum score is required for acceptance)
  • A minimum TOFEL score of 500 paper-based, 213 computer-based, and 79 for Internet-based (for international students only)
  • Good written and oral communication skills in the English language
  • Interest in conducting advanced research in the area of Pavements/Materials/Geotechnical engineering

The research assistantship offers the following:

  • Paid tuition
  • Paid health insurance
  • Monthly stipend

Learn more about research assistantships on the Graduate School website.

Required Courses

View course descriptions on the University Course Catalog.

Course NumberName
Required Courses
CEE 620 Advanced Portland Cement Concrete
CEE 631 Pavement Design
CEE 646 Geosynthetics
CEE 669 Geometric Design of Transportation Systems
CEE 732 Bituminous Materials and Mixtures
CEE 733 Advanced Pavement Design and Management
CEE 734 Pavement Rehabilitation and Maintenance
CEE 735 Pavement Management Systems
CEE742 Advanced Soil Mechanics
Elective Courses
CEE 663 Traffic Engineering
CEE 643 Geotechnical Engineering: Foundation
CEE 645 Geotechnical Engineering: Retaining Structures Design
CEE 704 Applied Finite Element Analysis
CEE 724 Applied Elasticity
CEE 741 Seepage, Slopes and Embankments
CEE 745 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
CEE 746 Advanced Foundation Engineering
APST 663 Design and Analysis of Experiments
APST 670 Linear Regression and Time Series
ME 720 Continuum Mechanics
ME 721 Viscoelasticity

* Other courses may be substituted with approval of your advisory committee.