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Pavement Software

The PMP program has been very active in developing and offering the pavement community with pavement related software with some unique aspects. The Window-based version of the 3D-Move Analysis software to compute pavement responses which has been developed under a cooperative agreement with FHWA, is one of those distinctive software.

The 3D-Move model has the ability to distinctly account for important pavement response factors such as moving vehicle loads, three dimensional contact stress distributions of any shape, and viscoelastic material characterization for the pavement layers. Furthermore, it is the only currently available pavement analysis software that can incorporate the braking effect that occurs at intersections. The software is currently being used by over 450 users from more than 45 countries.

Recently, the PMP program has also developed a new software program  that predicts the hourly temperature at any depth in the asphalt pavement for any location in the United States. The software, called Temperature Estimation Model for Pavement Structures (TEMPS), is the only one of its kind and can have numerous applications in pavement engineering. For example, the TEMPS software has generated a great interest by the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) for potentially identifying cool pavements technologies to mitigate urban heat island effects. Both described software are of great asset to PMP and can eventually be further improved to include additional unique features.

Web-based Materials and Research Database

As part of the Asphalt Research Consortium (ARC) project sponsored by FHWA, the PMP in collaboration with the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno designed a Web-based database management system and application that will allow Consortium members to store research results related to materials, material properties, material measures and results of laboratory and field testing. The data will also be available to the general public via a searchable Web-based interface. It is expected that university researchers and students, along with industry professionals and public agencies, will greatly benefit from this data.

The system is implemented using well-adopted technologies including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft ASP.NET. The database and application are currently being hosted at the University of Nevada, Reno. Recently, FHWA agreed to adopt and implement the database structure internally for storing and coordinating pavement related research data generated by various programs and divisions within FHWA.