Aggregate testing

The WRSC has an extensive inventory of aggregate preparation and testing equipment and facilities. Approximately 1,000 square feet of existing laboratory space is devoted to aggregate/soil preparation, testing and batching. Extensive outside storage is available for bulk aggregate stockpiles.

We offer the following tests:

  • Petrographic analysis of aggregates: provides identification and quality of types and varieties of rocks/minerals present in aggregates.
  • Aggregate Imaging System (AIMS): Automated system to analyze the fractured faces, flat and elongated, angularity, and texture of aggregates.
  • Consensus properties of aggregate: Includes sand equivalent, percent of fractured faces, percent of flat and elongated particles, and uncompacted void content.
  • Aggregate specific gravities: Measures the specific gravities (bulk, SSD, and apparent) and absorption of coarse and fine aggregates.
  • Aggregate particle size distribution: Includes wash sieve analysis and dry sieve analysis.
  • Los Angeles (LA) abrasion test: Analyses aggregate toughness and abrasion characteristics.

Applicable test methods

Aggregate tests and standards
Test description AASHTO standards ASTM Standards
Evaporable moisture content T255 C566
LA abrasion T96 C131
Percent of fracture T335 D4791*
Percent of flat and elongation D5821*
Sand equivalent T176* D2419
Sieve analyses T27*, T11*, T30* C136, C117
Specific gravities T84*, T85* C127, C128
Uncompacted void content of fine aggregates T304* C1252

* Denotes WRSC is AASHTO resource accredited for the test method