• Affiliates Application [PDF]
    Affiliates are persons who require university privileges but are not students or employees of the University. An Affiliate application is required - fax completed form to: (775) 784-4080. Charges for Affiliates: $10 prox/door access card. Fee must be paid when card is issued by the individual or by department IPO.
  • Blackboard Transaction System (BBTS) Application [PDF]
    Use this form if you require a login for the Blackboard Transaction System (BBTS) client.
  • ProxCard [WEB]
    ProxCard is your WolfCard/Door Card used for electronic door access. An approved security form needs to be turned into Facilities Management for activation.
  • WolfBuck Locations [PDF]
    See a map of locations where WolfBucks are accepted at the University campus.
  • WolfBucks Payroll Deduction Form [PDF]
    Employees may add WolfBucks to their own or another person's WolfCard using Payroll Deduction. Deduction is monthly, on the 10th for Classified and the end of the month for Faculty. There is no fee for deposits by Payroll Deduction.
  • WolfCard Vendor Locations [PDF]
    View chart of vendors accepting WolfCard.