WolfBucks event cards

Event guest cards (stored value cards) may be purchased by departments for session attendees to make purchases on campus. Please read the following program guidelines:

  • Cost of each guest card is $1.00.
  • WolfBucks are loaded on the card as specified by the department.
  • The department must provide an IPO covering the cost of the cards and the total value added to the cards. IPO must be accompanied by an approved hosting form.
  • The cards are activated for the duration of an event and will expire when the event is over. Dates to be determined by the department and the Campus Card Office. Any cards purchased and not used can be returned to the card office for a refund if the refund due is $100 or more and the cards are not partially used. If the remaining cards after an event do not meet these criteria, the cards will be terminated on the date selected.
  • Under no circumstances should WolfBucks cards remaining after an event be given to department employees for their use.