Our People

Cameron Image

Cameron Asato

Front Desk

Philip Icon

Philip Bowers

Tutor: Up to Math 420 & Stats

Riley Brenner

Tutor; Up to Math 302

Camacho Gabriel Thumbnail

Gabriel Camacho

Tutor; Up to MATH 285

Danelle Clarke Thumbnail

Danelle Clarke

Math Center Director



Alyssa Icon

Alyssa Conner

Tutor; Math up to 330 and 295/302

Sarah Image

Sarah Cronk

Front Desk

Nick C Icon

Nick Curcio

Front Desk

Ryan Davis Small Thumbnail

Ryan Davis

Up to MATH 331; MATH 302, 310, 311, 488; Most PHYS Courses

Jack Thumbnail

Jack Dunlap

Front Desk

Faith Icon

Faith Evans

Front Desk

Erika Picture

Erika Fisch

Tutor; Up to Math 310, Physics

Deb Fisher thumbnail.

Deb Fisher

Administrative Assistant

Landon Icon

Landon Fox

Tutor: Up to Math 283

Taran Picture

Taran Grove

Tutor; Up to Math 310

Wataru Picture

Wataru Hayashi

Tutor; Up to Math 285, Physics

Aidan Icon

Aidan Johnson

Tutor: Up to Math 310; Physics

Chris Picture

Chris Mallon

Tutor; Up to Math 330

Daniel M. Picture

Daniel Mallory

Tutor; Up to Math 311

Monica Thumbnail

Monica Martinez

Front Desk

Sean Icon

Sean Merker

Tutor; Up to Math 283; Physics

Tanner Picture

Tanner Miller

Tutor; Up to Math 285, Physics

Tyler Thumbnail

Tyler Mirolock

Student Worker

Derek M Thumbnail

Derek Moore

Tutor; Up to Math 285, 330, Physics

Math Center Picture

Eric Nelson

Tutor; Up to Math 285, 330, Physics

Kulson Picture

Kulson Noraas

Tutor; Up to Math 285, 330, Physics

Aayan Picture

Aayan Patel


Brad Icon

Brad Pattengale

Tutor; Up to Math 283

Adrian Image

Adrian Pena

Tutor; Up to Math 283

Gabriela Icon

Gabriela Quiles

Tutor: Up to Math 182

Michael Image

Michael Reyes

Tutor: Up to Math 330

TJ Picure

TJ Sarbacker

Up to MATH 283; STAT 152; PHYS 151

Janavi Icon

Janavi Sathappan

Tutor: Up to Math 182

Gary Tumbnail

Gary Shaner

Up to 285; Up to Phys 180

Riley Thumbnail

Riley Splinter

Up to Math 182; PHYS

Megan S Icon

Megan Splinter

Front Desk

Trevor Image

Trevor Stanfill

Tutor; Up to Math 285

Vanessa Icon

Vanessa Vidas

Tutor; Up to Math 182

Michael W Icon

Michael Williams

Tutor; Up to Math 330; Stats 352; Physics

Mackenzie Icon

Mackenzie Zappe

Front Desk