Our People

Cameron Image

Cameron Asato

Front Desk

Ryan Image

Ryan Baldwin

Tutor; Up to Math 285 and Stats 352

AJ Picture

AJ Bolt

Tutor; Up to Math 285, Physics

Kevin Brandenburg

Up to MATH 285; Up to PHYS 182

Riley Brenner

Tutor; Up to Math 301

Zach Picture

Zachary Brill

Tutor; Up to Math 283, 301, 330, Stats

Camacho Gabriel Thumbnail

Gabriel Camacho

Tutor; Up to MATH 285

Crystal Thumbnail

Crystal Chavez

Front Desk

Danelle Clarke Thumbnail

Danelle Clarke

Math Center Director



Sarah Image

Sarah Cronk

Front Desk

Ryan Davis Small Thumbnail

Ryan Davis

Up to MATH 331; MATH 301, 310, 311, 488; Most PHYS Courses

Jack Thumbnail

Jack Dunlap

Front Desk

Erika Picture

Erika Fisch

Tutor; Up to Math 310, Physics

Deb Fisher thumbnail.

Deb Fisher

Administrative Assistant

John Thumbnail

John Grifall-Sabo

Tutor; Up to Math 311

Taran Picture

Taran Grove

Tutor; Up to Math 310

Brandon Thumbnail

Brandon Harnish

Up to MATH 301; MATH 330

Wataru Picture

Wataru Hayashi

Tutor; Up to Math 285, Physics

Danny Image

Danny Hespen

Tutor; Up to Math 330

Michael Thumbnail

Michael Knight

Tutor; Up To Math 301

Lane Mitchell Thumbnail

Mitchell Lane

Up to Math 285, 330; Up to Stats 352; Up to Phys 181

Jason Lim

Up to MATH 330; STAT 152, 352; PHYS

Lenard Thumbnail

Lenard Lomugdang

Front Desk

Chris Picture

Chris Mallon

Tutor; Up to Math 330

Daniel M. Picture

Daniel Mallory

Tutor; Up to Math 311

Monica Thumbnail

Monica Martinez

Front Desk

Catalina thumbnail

Catalina Medina

Up to MATH 181; STAT 152

Qier Meng

Tutor; Up to MATH 182; STAT 152

Tanner Picture

Tanner Miller

Tutor; Up to Math 285, Physics

Alyssa Image

Alyssa Mineau

Front Desk

Tyler Thumbnail

Tyler Mirolock

Front Desk

Nikesh Image

Nikesh Mishra

Tutor; Up to MATH 283, 330, PHYS

Derek M Thumbnail

Derek Moore

Tutor; Up to Math 285, 330, Physics

Moriah Munyan Thumbnail

Moriah Munyan

Tutor; Up to MATH 285, Physics

Kyle Murray Thumbnail

Kyle Murray

Tutor; Up to Math 283, 330; STAT 152, 352

Eric Picture

Eric Nelson

Tutor; Up to Math 285, 330, Physics

Kulson Picture

Kulson Noraas

Tutor; Up to Math 285, 330, Physics


Kamren Ocampo

Tutor; Up to Math 330 and Stat 352

Daniel O Image

Daniel Ortiz

Front Desk

Parker Colin Thumbnail

Collin Parker

Up to MATH 330; MATH 301; Phys 151, 180; STAT 152, 180

Adrian Image

Adrian Pena

Tutor; Up to Math 283

Gabriela Icon

Gabriela Quiles

Tutor: Up to Math 182

Michael Image

Michael Reyes

Tutor: Up to Math 330

TJ Pic

TJ Sarbacker

Up to MATH 283; STAT 152; PHYS 151

Gary Tumbnail

Gary Shaner

Up to 285; Up to Phys 180

Tolin Thumbnail

Tolin Skov-Black

Up to MATH 182; MATH 285; STAT 152; PHYS

Riley Thumbnail

Riley Splinter

Up to Math 182; PHYS

Trevor Image

Trevor Stanfill

Tutor; Up to Math 285

Ben Thumbnail

Benjamin Streeter

Up to Math 283

Vanessa Icon

Vanessa Vidas

Tutor; Up to Math 182

Kathy Image

Kathy Wetmore

Administrative Assistant

Ryan W Image

Ryan Wu

Up to MATH 301