Our mission


The University Math Center will develop a rigorous and relevant training program for its tutors and staff that meets the requirements and standards set by the College Reading and Learning Association. We will continue to provide quality tutoring services to a growing student population. Additionally, the University Math Center endeavors to increase the visibility of its services through greater interaction with students and the campus community as a whole.


The University Math Center encourages undergraduate students to become independent learners by helping them to develop the skills, strategies and behaviors necessary to succeed academically. We strive to provide a friendly and welcoming environment where students have access to highly qualified undergraduate tutors, frequent review sessions and peer interaction. By promoting students' success in their math related courses, the University Math Center contributes to students' increased retention rates, their timely progress toward graduation and the University's Core Theme of Learning. 


  • Hire qualified undergraduate tutors and staff
  • Provide employment training and leadership opportunity for our student staff
  • Coordinate with the Mathematics and Statistics Department faculty in order to provide students with relevant course information during tutoring and review sessions
  • Maintain a friendly and respectful environment that encourages students to return
  • Apply tutoring methods so that students feel that they are able to:
    • Use a variety of strategies for learning, practicing and reinforcing class material
    • Learn how to use academic resources for their classes
    • Learn how to prepare for tests