Retention and graduation policy for student employees

The Student Services Division requires its undergraduate student employees to be enrolled in 15 credits or more each semester. The intention behind this policy is to encourage our undergraduate students to complete at least 30 credits per year in order to earn a typical Bachelor’s degree and graduate in four years. The more credits students complete each semester, the greater their chances are at persisting and graduating. The additional cost associated with staying in college beyond four years at the University is currently estimated at $38,000 for each additional year.

There may be some exceptions made for the inclusion of Wintermester and Summer sessions if a student is unable to enroll in 15 credits or more each Fall and Spring semester. However, under no circumstances will students be allowed to go beyond Summer to complete 30 credits per year. Failure to comply will result in termination of employment. The yearly timeline for students to fulfill this requirement is Fall through Summer (i.e. students should have an overall total of at least 30 credits by the end of Summer each academic year). Students may be enrolled in fewer than 15 credits if they are in their last semester before graduation.

Every undergraduate student employee in Student Services should have a plan to graduate in four years. Therefore, supervisors are responsible for having conversations with student employees about their four-year plans. These conversations should happen prior to their employment, and each semester throughout their employment, to ensure that they are complying with the policy and staying on track to graduate in four years.