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Student organizations

Social Psychology Club

The Social Psychology Club is comprised of members of the interdisciplinary social psychology graduate program, as well as others interested in the area of social psychology (both psychological and sociological). The club offers educational, social, and service events to its members.

Contact us at for more info.

Social Psychology and Law Club

The Social Psychology and Law Club is a group for graduate students who are interested in the intersection of social psychology, law, and the legal system. The purpose of the group is to provide a setting in which students can form academic relationships with other students who share the same interest, while fostering a collaborative environment to promote individual and group research projects.

The group currently meets a few times a semester to discuss current and future research, recent and relevant literature in the field of social psychology and law, and to spend time providing feedback for students' projects.

All graduate students are welcome to participate from various backgrounds (psychology, sociology, business, criminal justice, communications studies, etc.). The group consists of students from the first-year of their doctoral program to dissertation-phase graduate students.

Statistics club

The Stats Club is recognized by the Graduate Student Association at the University of Nevada, Reno. Any graduate student interested in learning and applying different types of statistical analyses is welcome and encouraged to join, although students from the interdisciplinary social psychology graduate program have historically been particularly active in the club.

Each semester, Stats Club members decide to review specific statistical methods (e.g. OLS regression, SEM), topics (e.g., dealing with missing data, power analyses) and statistical programs (e.g., SPSS, Stata, Amos) during weekly, three hour meetings.

At Stats Club meetings, members may also practice discussing their statistical results for conference presentations, or bring their data to solicit feedback on analyses from fellow stats club members.

The Stats Club current and alumni members are also available via an online google group, from which members can receive statistical support, and can share statistical insights.