Celebrating more than 50 years of interdisciplinary research

In 2017, the Social Psychology Program celebrated its 50th anniversary at the University of Nevada, Reno. Read about the program's history on campus.

About our program

The Interdisciplinary Social Psychology Ph.D. program

The Interdisciplinary Social Psychology Ph.D. program applies rigorous psychological and sociological scholarship to better understand the processes, structures and contexts that impact social interactions. Learn more about the Ph.D. program, the admissions process and resources for student support.

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About us

Learn more about our interdisciplinary partners and our mission to create an exceptional academic environment. 

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Ph.D in Social Psychology

Admission requirements, deadlines, program timelines, funding information and more outlining the doctoral program.

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Student resources

Program handbook, career information, and a list of student organizations and campus resources. 

Learn about the work we do and people behind it

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Research areas

Our faculty contribute to four thematic areas. As a student in our program, you may choose research projects that utilize one or more of these themes, or engage in social psychological scholarship in other aspects of the discipline.

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People of Social Psychology

From faculty to doctoral student and alumni, learn more about the people at the forefront of our impactful research.

Awards and Achievements

Social psychology faculty and student featured in media

Faculty member Shawn Marsh and graduate student Sarah Moody were recently highlighted in both YouthToday.org and jjie.org for their research on youth in sex trafficking. Congratulations on the recognition of your research! 

Social Psychology faculty member Dan Jones featured on Psypost.org

A recent publication from our own Dan Jones, "Supporters of religious violence are more likely to claim they're familiar with religious concepts that don't exist" is featured on psypost.org! Congrats, Dan!

New dissertation grants

Social Psychology Ph.D. student  Tyler Livingston received a dissertation grant from the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. Likewise, Social Psychology Ph.D. student Kodai Kusano received a grant-in-aid from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. Congrats, Tyler and Kodai! 

Congratulations to the winners of the Founders' Best Research Proposal Award

The Founders’ Best Research Proposal Award seeks to support student research by funding the best research proposal submitted by a student in the Interdisciplinary Social Psychology Ph.D. Program. 

  • Best Research Proposal ($750): “Effects of Criminal Stereotypicality on Interrogators’ Guilt Presumption” by Jean J. Cabell
  • Runner up ($250): “Capturing Populism: Concept, Measurement and Application” by Waleed Jami

Congratulations to the winners of the Founders' Best Paper Award!

The Founders’ Best Paper Award recognizes the best research paper by a student in the Interdisciplinary Social Psychology Ph.D. Program that was submitted for publication, or published during the 12 months prior to the submission deadline (April 1).

  • Best Paper ($750): “Empowering, Humbling, and of course Arousing”: Experiences with Power in Sexual Relationships” by Tyler N. Livingston 
  • Runner up 1 ($250): “Evaluating Effects on Guilty and Innocent Suspects: An Effect Taxonomy of Interrogation Techniques” by Jean J. Cabell & Sarah A. Moody
  • Runner up 2 ($250): “Multi-level Modelling of Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data Reveals the Dynamic Interaction between Ecological Threats and Democratic Development” by Kodai Kusano

Our impact

News stories from social psychology and the departments that contribute to the program.

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Cleaning for COVID-19: Are household disinfectants and sanitizers harmful to our health?

Assistant Professors Li Li and Dingsheng Li from the School of Community Health Sciences break down how our exposure to home cleaning products has increased and what that means

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Communication Studies program rising in the ranks

The Department of Communication Studies boasts 25 scholarly awards in two years

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The School of Community Health Sciences looks for public health heroes to join the program

The School of Community Health Sciences will be featured in a virtual graduate fair on Thursday, September 24, 2020 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.