Community Engaged Teaching Fellowship

The Community Engaged Teaching Fellowship is a faculty development program that provides an opportunity for selected faculty members to support the institutionalization of community engagement at the University of Nevada, Reno. Community engagement is a core theme of the University’s mission as a land grant university that aspires to “strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of Nevada citizens, communities, organizations, and governments through community outreach and reciprocal partnerships” (UNR Mission Statement, 2016). Additionally, the University has been formally designated by the Carnegie Foundation as an “engaged” institution, so the continued development and improvement of community engagement initiatives is essential.

Program purpose & goals

The purpose of the CET Fellowship is to support the institutionalization of the community engaged teaching and learning at the university. It is expected that the work of each community engaged teaching fellow will contribute to the implementation and achievement of this engagement initiative through the following program goals:

  • Cultivate a cohesive, university-wide philosophy and mission of community engaged teaching
  • Strengthen faculty support for and involvement in community engaged teaching
  • Increase student support for and involvement in community engaged learning
  • Encourage community participation in implementing community engaged teaching
  • Advance institutional support for community engaged teaching

Program goals are aligned with the five major dimensions of community engagement in higher education: (a) mission and philosophy, (b) faculty support, (c) student support, (d) community participation, and (e) institutional support (Furco et al., 2009).

Participation commitments and requirements