Bonners Leaders program

As the University of Nevada, Reno branch of The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation, the Bonners Leaders Program gives select students the opportunity to participate in service learning on our campus and in our greater community. In partnership with community-based organizations, these students work to better the lives of individuals from disenfranchised communities. At the same time, they receive a service-oriented education that focuses on the issues facing minority populations and the roles of diversity and equity in spaces of service.

Core pillars

The Bonners Leaders Program is currently committed to fulfilling its six universal pillars. These are as follows:

  • Social justice
  • Diversity
  • Civic engagement
  • Community building
  • Community perspective
  • Identity exploration

Current members

  • Aishwarya Anand
  • Dajhanna Flores Sanchez
  • Ryan Hartley
  • Natalie Huddy
  • Sabrina Jaynes
  • Madison Jordan
  • Zoe Sabal
  • Lillian Scarbrough
  • Kayla Snowden
  • Jilsmaria Tharayil
  • Evan Tsuzaki
  • Crystal Vargas
  • Kendall Waltz
  • Cassandra White
  • Steffany Yang