Service-Learning Council

The Service-Learning Council is a collaboration of academic and administrative faculty members that are devoted to the pedagogy of service-learning and advocate, advise, and take action on issues related to civic engagement across campus. The council is comprised of three subcommittees with differing areas of concern and acts as an advisory committee to the Office of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement.

Rewards & Recognition


  •  Focus on developing suggestions on how best to support faculty who are actively engaged in SL. 
  • Develop methods to recognize and reward SL efforts of faculty in the annual evaluation process as well as other campus recognition efforts. 
  •  Be in communication with Vice Provost Stacy Burton and the Engagement Council.



  • Identify appropriate methods for assessing service learning (SL), including how SL benefits students, how SL benefits the community, and how SL benefits the institution.
  • Be involved in the course approval process for earning the service learning designation.
  • Focus on developing suggestions for how to effectively use Digital Measures and GivePulse to capture service learning outcomes.
  • Be in communication with Russell Stone, the Engagement Council and the Core Theme 3 assessment committee.

Faculty Development


  • Recommend and/or develop faculty trainings in SL best practices, pedagogy, and policies
  • Recommend content about SL at New Faculty Orientation
  • Identify and organizes SL external speakers

Interested in joining the Council?
Whether you are new to service-learning or are a seasoned practitioner, partner or participant, we would appreciate your support and thoughts.
For more information, please contact our office at or (775) 784-4846.

Service-Learning & Civic Engagement
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