Meet the OSLCE Team

Stacey Muse

Stacey Muse, M.A.

Service-Learning Coordinator, OSLCE

Stacey moved from Denver, Colorado to join the OLSCE team as the Service-Learning Coordinator. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 10 years and holds a Master's degree in nonprofit management and leadership studies from the University of San Diego. In addition to her work at the University, she is working on completing her PhD research, which focuses on community voice and impact in community-university partnerships. Stacey strives to co-create meaningful, sustainable partnerships that are transformative for students and community. She is excited to explore Reno and get to know all of the wonderful community partners (current and future).

Abbey Grimmer

Abbey Grimmer

Administrative Assistant III, OSLCE


Graduate Assistants

Shelby Seferian

Shelby Seferian (MA Student)

Service-Learning Liaison


Jordyn Green

Jordyn Green (PhD Student)

Graduate Research Assistant


Service-Learning & Civic Engagement
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