State-appropriated budgets

The Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis is responsible for the allocation and overall management of the university's state-appropriated budgets. The university receives state-appropriated budgets for: University of Nevada, Reno (instruction); School of Medicine; Intercollegiate Athletics; Statewide Programs; Agricultural Experiment Station; Cooperative Extension Service; Business Center North; State Health Laboratory; and Special Projects. For the most part, expenditures from state-appropriated accounts must occur within the state fiscal year.

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Budget transfers – state-appropriated funds 

Funds may be transferred into, out of, or among ledgers of a departmental budget. The form “Create Budget Amendment” should be used to transfer state funds.

Transfers of budget authority between appropriation areas (e.g., University of Nevada, Reno; School of Medicine; Agricultural Experiment Station) are not permitted. Budget authority for individual appropriation areas is established by the legislature and may not be increased or decreased by institutional transfers.

Transfers of budget authority between functions (e.g., instruction, research, public service) exceeding $500,000 must be reviewed and approved by the Chancellor's Administration Office.

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Self-supporting budgets

Self-supporting budgets are non-state appropriated accounts that are approved annually by the Board of Regents.

Self-supporting accounts are intended to be break-even operations, not profit centers. Revenues should be reviewed annually to assure that they are only sufficient to cover the costs of operation and any necessary reserves.

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Revisions of self-supporting budgets

Revisions to self-supporting accounts are done through the create budget amendment task in Workday. Revisions to self-supporting budgets are necessary to reflect increases or decreases in the anticipated revenues or expenditures of a self-supporting account. Increases in revenue must be accompanies by a corresponding increase in expenditures, transfers out, and/or ending account balance. Revisions that only affect expenditure ledgers must net to zero.

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