1,701: State-Appropriated Budgets

Revised: December 2020

The Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis is responsible for the allocation and overall management of the university's state-appropriated budgets.

The University receives state-appropriated budgets for: University of Nevada, Reno (instruction); School of Medicine; Intercollegiate Athletics; Statewide Programs; Agricultural Experiment Station; Cooperative Extension Service; Business Center North; State Health Laboratory and Special Projects. All state appropriations are budgeted to the functional designations specified by the national Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO). These functions are instruction, research, public service, academic support, student services, institutional support, operation and maintenance, and scholarships.

For the most part, expenditures from state-appropriated accounts must occur within the state fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). Occasionally, the Nevada state legislature may provide authority to expend funds over the two-year appropriation period. These "biennial" appropriations allow for the carry-over of any unexpended first-year funds into the second year of the biennium. In all other cases, state-appropriated funds must be expended or encumbered by June 30, or be reverted to the state. Expenditures from state-funded budges must pertain directly to the purpose of the account. Funds appropriated by the legislature for the instruction function may not be used for non-instructional purposes without the express approval of the Chancellor and the NSHE Board of Regents prior to budgetary commitment.

The University may receive an allocation for merit increases in faculty salaries. Exempt positions include the president, vice presidents, associate and assistant vice presidents, deans, and associate and assistant deans. Exempt positions may receive merit; however, merit for exempt positions may not be funded from the state merit pool. Furthermore, merit funds may not be used to fund promotions or equity adjustments.