University Technology Council

Council Charge

The University Technology Council (UTC) is advisory to the leadership of the Office of the Provost, Office of Information Technology (OIT), and Office of Digital Learning (ODL), providing feedback and suggestions on technology issues and projects at the University of Nevada, Reno. Members of the UTC serve to enhance communication between their units and OIT and ODL, and to disseminate information about campus technology initiatives and projects to their units.

Council Representatives

The UTC is comprised of representatives from every major academic and administrative unit on campus. One or two representatives are appointed by the unit dean or vice president for a three-year term as follows (number of representatives in parentheses):

  • College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources
    • Academic departments (1)
    • Cooperative Extension (1)
  • College of Business (2)
  • College of Education (1)
  • College of Engineering (2)
  • School of Medicine (1)
  • Orvis School of Nursing (1)
  • School of Public Health (1)
  • Reynolds School of Journalism (1)
  • College of Liberal Arts (2)
  • College of Science (2)
  • Extended Studies (1)
  • University Libraries (1)
  • Athletics (1)
  • University Advancement (1)
  • Administration and Finance (1)
  • Enterprise Data Management (1)
  • Student Services (1)
  • Student Government (1)
  • Research and Innovation (1)
  • Office of Information Technology (1)
  • Office of Digital Learning (1)

Continuing members of the UTC are:

  • Chief Information Officer (nonvoting)
  • Chief Information Security Officer (nonvoting)
  • UTC Administrative Support (nonvoting)
  • OIT Director of User Services (nonvoting)
  • OIT Director of Cyberinfrastructure (nonvoting)
  • Executive Director of Office of Digital Learning (nonvoting)

The Council is co-chaired by two representatives from the UTC, one from an academic unit and one from an administrative unit, chosen at the April meeting to serve the following academic year.

Members of the UTC serve on other university committees as appropriate.

  • Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee – two (2) members of the UTC are selected annually to serve as voting members of the STF Advisory Committee.
  • Cyberinfrastructure Committee (CiC) – either one member of the UTC serves on both the CiC and UTC, or a member of the CiC attends UTC meetings as liaison to report on CiC activities monthly.

Meeting Information

The UTC meets eight times a year on the fourth Tuesday of August, September, October, November, January, February, March, April at 10:30 am in the Joe Crowley Student Union. Agendas and minutes are available through the Office of Information Technology. To request a copy of the agendas and minutes, or to add agenda items to meetings of the UTC, contact the UTC Coordinator, Hope Cronan, by the third Tuesday of the month.

Current Members of the University Technology Council

The current members of the University Technology Council (UTC)

Members of the UTC change yearly and are representatives from stakeholders on campus.
Representation Member
College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources Alyssa Rousseau & Noel Gueco
College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources Jerry McGraw
College of Business Vacant
College of Business Jonathan Lay
College of Education Li-Ting Chen
College of Engineering Zach Newell
College of Engineering Lei Yang
School of Public Health Zach Behl
Orvis School of Nursing Haley McNeil
School of Medicine Ryan Jerz
Reynolds School of Journalism Laura Crosswell
College of Liberal Arts Chris Church
College of Liberal Arts Markus Kemmelmeier
College of Science Lexa Baldwin
College of Science Scott Bassett
Extended Studies Ivan Chernov
University Libraries David Dawha
Athletics Nathan Barlow
University Advancement Brenda Eldridge
Administration and Finance Tad Kelly
Enterprise Data Services Lisa Saichompoo
Student Services Isabel Evans
Student Government Amy Koeckes
Research and Innovation Rohit Patil
Office of Information Technology Brandon Guilbe
Office of Digital Learning Ed Huffman
Office of Information Technology: UTC Administrative Support Hope Cronan
Office of Information Technology: Accessibility Manager Shiva Pourgholaminejad
Office of Information Technology: Chief Information Security Officer Orville Wilson
Office of Information Technology: Director of Cyberinfrastructure Brandon Peterson
Office of Information Technology: Chief Information Officer Catherine Cardwell (acting)
Office of Information Technology: Director, User Services Ben Roelofs