Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee

The University of Nevada, Reno Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee is a standing committee to review and advise on collection and use of the student technology fee. The committee reports jointly to the Dean of Libraries and the Vice Provost for IT. From time to time the committee may meet with the Provost.

The committee will meet at least once per semester. The committee will review and provide advice on proposed use of current fiscal year technology fee monies. The committee will receive an annual report on actual technology fee expenditures from the prior fiscal year. Each meeting of the STFAC is open to the University community. For more information, including the date of the next meeting, or to view internal STFAC documents, please contact OIT Communications via email at


The committee will annually review the purpose and guidelines for use of the student technology fee, consider suggestions for revisions of the guidelines, and review and advise on any proposed changes to the guidelines.

Committee Members

Committee members are expected to communicate with the respective campus groups each member represents. Committee names will be published for the campus and members are expected to bring back to the committee comments received from members of the campus community concerning the student technology fee.

Committee members are appointed by their respective campus group to serve one year terms. Members may be appointed to serve up to three consecutive terms. There are two ex officio members, one from Teaching and Learning Technologies to be appointed by the Dean of Libraries, and one from the Office of Information Technology to be appointed by the Vice Provost for Information Technology.

The committee will select a committee chair to serve for one year. OIT will provide administrative support for scheduling meetings and other support as needed.

FY 2020-2021 Committee Members:

These are the current members of the Student Technology Advisory Fee Committee
Type of Member Name and Affiliation
UTC Representative Michael Ekedahl, College of Business
UTC Representative Scott Bassett, College of Science
Faculty Senate Representative Tara Radniecki, Libraries
GSA Representative Michael Abdelmalak
GSA Representative Alternative Alec Brennan
ODL ex-officio member Ed Huffman, Executive Director, Office of Digital Learning
OIT ex-officio member Tina Hill, Director of User Services
ASUN Representative Austin Brown, ASUN President
ASUN Representative Keegan Murphy, ASUN Vice President
Libraries Catherine Cardwell