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Celebrate Diversity Month
Wolf Pack members standing with a rainbow LOVE art piece

A shared humanity

Four leaders in the College of Science share their perspectives on success, leadership and identity

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Nevada in the news

  • Fitness drones are coming, if all the bugs get fixed
    To address this, a team of researchers from the Robotics Research Lab at the University of Nevada at Reno built in 2015 a prototype drone system that guides blind runners around a track using sound. – SFGATE
  • Ancient DNA hints at diverse Stone Age traditions of kinship
    The study involved an international team of 57 scientists from 11 countries. The work was co-led by researchers at METU, Hacettepe University, Stockholm University, İstanbul University, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, University of Liverpool, University of Nevada Reno, University of Copenhagen, Koc University, The Netherlands Institute in Turkey, and University of Bordeaux. – The FINANCIAL
  • Are kids' activities driving new coronavirus cases? Here's what the data says.
    Mark Pandori, director of the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory at the University of Nevada at Reno, said a recent youth volleyball tournament is spurring "a very, very large cluster" of cases of B.1.1.7, a variant of the current coronavirus. – Advisory Board

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from the University of Nevada, Reno

Three students in the WiSE program sitting on couches in the dorm studying



Ask the Professor

Photo of bag and shoes. The words "Rural Mental Health" are on the bag with the Downing Counseling Clinic logo

How do you access counseling services when living in a rural community?

Rural mental health services are more accessible than you think due to COVID-19

Are there still things we don’t know about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Drs. Mark Riddle and Trudy Larson, along with Diana Sande from the Nevada Public Health Training Center, break down important information about coronavirus vaccines

Are female leaders better during a pandemic?

University of Nevada, Reno Political Science Associate Professor Robert Ostergard and colleagues examined 175 countries for recent article

How can I help my child’s literacy during school breaks?

Read, read and read some more! Here are some helpful tips for parents to accelerate a child's literacy skills.

Top Stories

An image of the novel coronavirus; image was developed by the Centers for Disease Control.

Ultraviolet-C LED test confirms sterilization of human coronavirus at distance of 5 feet in 8 seconds

University lab test is part of new product development conducted for NCAR-affiliate American UVC Science, Inc. in the fight against COVID

Mountain chickadees resist age-related cognitive declines

University of Nevada, Reno long-standing research yields new data

Our Town Reno marks five years of street reporting in Reno

Journalism school’s initiative focuses on those affected by the affordable housing crisis

University’s College of Business launches new Sports Management Program

From an undergraduate Sports Management minor to an Executive Certificate in Sports Management, the new program is set to ‘develop leaders and instill best practices in the sports industry’

Latest News

Man in an underground mine wears a face covering.

Knock-on effects of COVID-19 on the mining industry

Kinross Term Assistant Professor in Mining Engineering Javad Sattarvand comments on the challenges overcome by the Nevada mining industry over the past year.

Our Town Reno marks five years of street reporting in Reno

Journalism school’s initiative focuses on those affected by the affordable housing crisis

Smoothing the path toward commercialization of research

Through commercialization, University faculty can find ways to transform their work into a marketable product or service that benefits society

In-person Commencement ceremonies approved

The University received approval from State of Nevada & Washoe County to hold in-person Commencement ceremony in May

Editor's Picks

Baileya multiradiata at the Lost City Museum pollinator garden.

Workshop offered to attract beneficial insects, help with pest control

University of Nevada, Reno Extension offers workshop on using native plants to attract pollinators

In the Black Speaker Series leaves long-lasting impact on attendees

The College of Business educational series explored racial and social inequalities in business

The Long Campaign

How the work of Anne Howard and her colleagues led to Women's Studies at the University