Sarah Haigh

Assistant Professor
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My main research interests focus on neurological responses to sensory stimuli, specifically what drives the system to over-respond (hyper-excitable) or to under-respond (hypo-excitable), and how this impacts sensory-related cognition. I am interested in what this can reveal 1) about early sensory processing in neurotypical individuals, and 2) about the underlying pathophysiology in certain clinical conditions, for example, schizophrenia, autism, migraine or traumatic brain injury. My aim is to establish if methods for improving sensory processing would then have cascading improvements on complex cognitive processing.

Courses taught

  • PSY 240
  • PSY 404
  • PSY 762


  • Ph.D., Vision Science, University of Essex, 2012
  • BSc (hons), Experimental Psychology from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, 2009

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