Our Faculty

By the numbers

  • 21 Faculty Members
  • 5 Sitting Judges
  • 10 Attorneys

Faculty for the Justice Management Program come from universities and law schools across the nation. Many faculty members are prominent researchers and practitioners with doctoral degrees who share their real-world knowledge and professional insights with students.

Our faculty serve their institutions and jurisdictions as follows: five (5) are sitting judges, one (1) serves as a Tribal Court Judge; ten (10) are attorneys; two (2) are professors; eight (8) are adjunct professors; one is the director of the Center for Research Design and Analysis at UNR; one is a licensed clinical psychologist; one is the retired director of the Nevada Department of Prisons; two are presidents of private consulting companies; one is a retired U.S. Army Colonel; one is the director of the Dallas County Community Supervision and Corrections Department; one serves as a County Commissioner.

Veronica Dahir

Veronica Blas Dahir

Research Services Grants and Projects Analyst, College of Liberal Arts


(775) 784-6272 | SFB 113

Angela Lee

Angela Lee


(775) 682-8979

Shawn Marsh

Shawn Marsh, Ph.D.

Director of Judicial Studies, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Social Psychology


(775) 682-7987

Zanny Marsh

Zanny Marsh, MJM

Community Outreach Officer


Monica Miller

Monica Miller, Ph.D., J.D.



(775) 784-6021