Online Courses

Flexible Online Classes

Justice management courses are delivered online through a university learning management system (LMS). Courses are offered three times a year (January, May and August).

Since going online in 2005, justice management graduates spend an average of 1,223 hours in the online course system and compose an average of 158 pages of text. As working professionals, these students enjoy the 24/7 access to online courses, with most students completing coursework on evenings and weekends.

Content Experts for Instructors

Content experts in the various justice management course areas were identified by program administrators as well as by outside supporting agencies such as NCJFCJ, NJCSA, NJC. Additionally, instructors were identified by contacts at various national conferences in the juvenile justice field. These context experts were supplied with approved course descriptions and outlines for development of specific justice management courses. Justice management instructor recruitment has continued since the inception of the program, with a total of 21 instructors having taught justice management courses.

Online Course Design - Pairing Instructors with Technology

As justice management instructors develop course materials, he or she works individually with the justice management LMS manager to transform those materials into a rich and dynamic online course. The justice management LMS manager completes the initial design of each online course, using materials supplied by the instructor. The course design process is an iterative one, with the justice management LMS manager assisting in the development of various media formats (text, audio, video, images, etc.) as well as interactive online teaching tools.

The pairing of a content expert (justice management instructor) with an instructional design expert (justice management LMS manager) insures that each justice management course offers innovative course content, consistent instructional design and utilizes the latest online technologies for course delivery.