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The Master of Justice Management is a special degree program offering a broad selection of courses including foundation courses in justice theory and process, essentials of justice management and courses specific to areas of concentration such as juvenile justice management, adult justice management and executive court and agency administration.


As part of the School of Social Research and Justice Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, the Justice Management Program provides an academic foundation for those seeking education or advancement in the varied fields associated with the administration of justice. It is the only degree program of its kind and is organized jointly by the University of Nevada, Reno; the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges; and the National Judicial College.

The program is also supported by the National Juvenile Court Services Association, the National Center for State Courts' Institute of court Management, the American Probation and Parole Association, the American Correctional Association and the Child Welfare League of America.

Broad Program of Study

The program offers three areas of concentration (juvenile justice management, adult justice management and executive court and agency administration) and provides a large selection of courses allowing students to create a program of study unique to their interests and professional needs. Special topic courses include a wide variety of study areas and to address current trends in justice administration. See example course of study for each concentration.

Importance of the Justice System

The justice system, including court annexed programs and private entities, represents the manifestation of society's concepts of justice. Educational opportunities greatly affect the continued improvement of the system. The Justice Management Program is designed to provide an academic degree program that is national in scope and impact.

Flexible Online Instruction

The Justice Management Program is the only one of its kind to have all of its courses offered completely online. This allows us to select our faculty and students from all over the country. Students may earn their degree entirely online from a Tier 1 University.