Henry Cellini, Ph.D., LPCC



Henry Cellini, Ph.D., LPCC, is the president of the Training and Research Institute, Inc., is a researcher, consultant and author specializing in mental health, drug abuse and violence issues. Cellini has worked with criminal justice clients since 1973 when he completed an internship at a therapeutic community program in Illinois. Over the last 34 years Cellini has worked with both juvenile delinquents and adult offenders with a primary focus on substance abuse, violence and deviant sexual behaviors.

Cellini founded the Trainings and Research Institute, Inc. (TRI), in 1988. TRI's expertise includes work on a wide variety of projects in the fields of criminal justice, mental health and education, such as: developing screening and assessment instruments and instructional materials; providing staff and client training; administering client surveys; conducting client groups in the areas of vocational rehabilitation, mental health and substance abuse; and conducting and documenting computerized literature reviews to ensure adherence to "best practices" methods.

Class Materials

  • JM 734 - Mental Health Issues in Justice Management
  • JM 791 - Juvenile Sex Offenders