Master of Judicial Studies

The Master of Judicial Studies (MJS) is a specialized degree program for judges. Offered and supported by a number of judicial organizations, the University offers this degree for currently employed judges wishing to advance their education.

Why Get an MJS in Judicial Studies?

  • Provides access to cutting-edge knowledge from diverse faculty members
  • Improves legal critical/analytical skills
  • Sharpens writing skills and improves opinion writing
  • Contributes to the growing judicial studies knowledge pool
  • Helps recharge judicial batteries

Further, the MJS program is a challenging, stimulating academic degree program designed to:

  • Provide a structured, interdisciplinary academic curriculum applicable to judicial needs
  • Encourage students to take an active role in teaching, planning and administering judicial education
  • Provide experience (by virtue of the MJS thesis and dissertation requirements) in conducting and publishing research of interest and applicability to the judicial system
  • Provide an academic degree program having national scope and impact

How do I apply?

Judges seeking the MJS degree can apply online to the University's Graduate School. Applications are accepted throughout the year for consideration each January, with notification given in mid-February.

What's next?

You can apply now if you are ready to begin at the University. If you would like to learn more about the program, please contact:

Shawn Marsh, Ph.D.
Director, Judicial Studies Program
(775) 682-7987

Heather Lee
Program Officer, Judicial Studies Program
(775) 682-7982