Gender Inclusive Housing

Emergency housing after the Argenta Hall explosion: Ongoing updates

In response to the explosion that occurred Friday, July 5 and damaged Argenta and Nye Halls, we are relocating summer housing to Peavine Hall until further notice. Any Argenta Hall summer residents can report to Peavine Hall. Housing assignments for Fall 2019 are delayed at this time. Student Services is continuing to work diligently on getting these assignments completed as soon as possible.

As the University continues to work on a proposed plan for the 1,300 needed beds, updates will be available on Nevada Today.

Students in gender inclusive dorm room

Residential Life strives to accommodate student's individual requests for safe, inclusive, accessible housing, regardless of students' gender identity or sex assigned at birth. Gender Inclusive Housing provides an affirming, safe, and supportive environment for transgender students, gender-nonconforming students, and the larger LGBTQIA+ student community. Gender Inclusive Housing participants must commit to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming living environment.

Apply for Gender Inclusive Housing

To apply for Gender Inclusive Housing, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Apply for Housing
  2. Email Wyatt Wagner (, Support Operations Specialist for Residential Life
    1. In your email, please indicate that you would like to apply for Gender Inclusive Housing.
    2. The Gender Inclusive Housing application will be added to your Housing Profile
  3. To be eligible for this housing option, you must complete the Gender Inclusive Housing application

By applying for Gender Inclusive Housing, you indicate that you understand and agree to the following:

  • All policies and procedures as outlined in the License Agreement apply to Gender Inclusive Housing
  • You are committing to maintaining an inclusive, welcoming, and affirming living environment
  • If a student moves out of the room for any reason (e.g. voluntary room change, roommate conflict, cancellation, judicial removal or suspension, etc.), Residential Life has the right to change the room assignment
  • Gender Inclusive Housing is not designed to provide students with a room or building selection advantage
  • Consistent with all our housing options, Gender Inclusive Housing room assignments/placements are not guaranteed

*Gender Inclusive Housing is not a living option intended for students in a relationship with each other.

The University of Nevada offers additional resources for the LGBTQIA+ Community.