Bea Natalia H Tan

Pre-Professional Peer Advisor
Headshot of Bea Natalia Tan


Bea is a third-year student studying Neuroscience at the University of Nevada, Reno. As a peer advisor, Bea advises freshmen and sophomores who are pursuing a pre-professional track. Bea is a part of the Biology Peer Instructor Program as a Mandatory Discussion Leader and Lecture Assistant. As a Discussion Leader, Bea creates lesson plans geared toward students’ learning styles and enjoys connecting with her students. As a Lecture Assistant, Bea develops summarized tables and visual aids to assist students with in-class questions during BIOL 190 lectures. Additionally, she is a tutor in the Biology Help Center and understands the various obstacles students face when dealing with difficult subjects. Her previous roles have given her the experience to provide insights to students on their unique academic journeys. 

Apart from peer advising, Bea is involved with Phi Delta Epsilon as a Medical Chair, gathering information on Medical Schools to present to her fraternity members. Bea is also an active member of MEDLIFE and enjoys participating in the organization’s various volunteer opportunities. 

Bea loves to spend her free time playing pickleball, badminton, journaling and spending quality time with her friends. After she graduates, Bea hopes to attend medical school and become a physician.